Vet TV is a part of the veteran entertainment empire started by comedian turned actor, Michael Caine. This veteran entertainer has been described as one of the country’s greatest comedians. His humorous comedy movies and TV shows have won him many awards and accolades including induction into the American Comedy Hall of Fame.

More recently, he has ventured into movies with some very well received films such as Rain Main and Zoolander. His other roles have been in TV shows such as The Incredible Hulk, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and MacGyver.

Premise of Vet TV

The premise of Vet TV is that it is a channel that is designed exclusively for the veteran community and former military. They give vets and former military members all the latest information on gear, fashion, entertainment and more. Veterans who are featured on this channel range from those who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan to those who were retired from the Marines.

They talk about their experiences and provide humorous insights into their time in the service. They also answer questions from the audience and do interviews for various news agencies.

Popular Vet TV shows

Some of the popular Vet TV shows include “The Bush Family” which is a funny talk show that gives former military men and women a chance to talk about their time in the service. The program also takes questions from the audience.

Vet Tv

Another program on vet tv is ” vets on tour” which features comedians who go to mainly major U.S. cities to perform. They talk about different aspects of life and make fun of everything from animals to fashion. The final program of this year is “The New York Times Travel Guide.” It is sponsored by The Wall Street Journal and was created just for the veterans.

Source of Vet tv

The premise of vet tv is that it is an all round source of entertainment for the veteran community and comedy buffs. They show funny moments, share stories and educate at the same time. I especially appreciate the dark humor that is aimed at the vets as any stories can sometimes be a little disturbing for those who aren’t normally fans of comedy.

Network strives of vet tv

The network strives to provide quality comedy programming each week so that it is not only accessible to the network’s regular viewers but also for the broader niche audience. In fact, the new season will feature some of the best comedies that you can find on television.

This is great news for anyone who enjoys comedy or for anyone who has ever wondered what it would be like to be a vet in the U.S. military. There are so many powerful stories being told through the lens of this funny genre that it is truly an amazing experience.

The New York Times Travel Guide to the Military Vet Tv

“The New York Times Travel Guide to the Military” is another very effective vet tv show that showcases the funny side of life for those serving in the military. Starring veteran actor Danny Devito and comedian Michael Caine, this program provides an inside look at life for military men and women as well as the funny things they do while away from home.

Some of the stories include a story about a seven-year old girl who was evacuated from her home in the middle of a severe rainstorm and ended up spending the next five months living in an animal shelter. A new mother who was left by her husband after the death of their child found solace in this humorous vet’s office.

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Target audience of Vet Tv

Even though the network strives to provide quality entertainment, I feel that there are certain channels on TV that are actually targeting the wrong audience with their comedy. This can be frustrating for some viewers, who prefer a bit more seriousness than self-deprecating humor.

This is especially true with some of the recent hit comedy flicks that are targeting military veterans as its main audience. It would be refreshing if some of these movies targeted more on the humor side rather than focusing solely on the serious issues involved in some of these accidents and illnesses.

Hopefully the networks realize that comedy isn’t always the best choice for vet TV. They should instead focus on providing a safe environment for their veterans by focusing on the good things that they do and the things that make them happy.

By doing this, we can hope to raise the awareness of mental health, physical health, and emotional health for these great American heroes. I’m not saying that we should take away all of the comedy, but the network needs to make a conscious effort to create a comedy central for vet TV.



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