The weakest pokémon in the Game | The Stunfisk is a flatfish with a wide, mud-brown body and yellowtail. It has two small, horizontal oval-shaped eyes and thin, gray lips. It has two lobed fins on each side of its body. Its shape and design are based on the exoskeleton of the shed or cicada. Despite its name, it has one of the most powerful attack abilities in the game.

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weakest pokémon

Known as the weakest Pokmon in the game, Bidoof is a common in-game HM slave. Its low stats are countered by its special abilities, which allow it to set up more quickly than most sweepers. In addition, Arceus has given this Pokemon a couple of uncommon gifts that keep it competitive in the game. Read on to learn more about this Pokemon.

The Bidoof’s stats are incredibly low, so a strategy that includes learning Dark Type moves will make it one of the best Pokemon in the game. This pokemon has a total stat value of 253, and has a few weaknesses, including poor speed. But it can be countered by using the right moves. Listed below are the three best moves that will help your Bidoof survive in the game.

While Bidoof’s stats are lower than the higher evolutions, stat-boosting items can power it through battles. It’s a good idea to have stat-boosting items on hand for this Pokemon, since the item duplication glitch would have been useful for a Bidoof run. There is no way to use the item duplication glitch during the Outbreak event, but it does have a few other advantages.

Bidoof’s movepool is relatively shallow, but its main moves are Shadow Ball and Superpower. Shadow Ball has the most effective Special Attacker set, as it hits Psychic types. Thunder Wave cripples faster Pokemon, while Superpower takes out Steel-type pokemon. Rock Smash does not lower Bidoof’s Attack, but it does reduce its base power.


The type weakness of Beedrill is the same as the type of its attack, which makes it vulnerable to a variety of attacks. Using a Pokemon with a super effective Moveset against Beedrill will make it go down in a hurry. In addition, the speed of Beedrill makes it difficult for you to scout your opponents. While its Poison Jab is effective against Rock and Steel types, its attack is only average. If you’re looking for more detailed information, you can read the rest of this guide or leave a comment below.

Although Beedrill has a weak base attack and no super-effective moves, it is still an effective Pokemon in Mega Evolution. In addition to having a decent base attack, this Pokemon also has some resistances to Grass, Fighting, Bug, and Fairy. Despite being the weakest pokémon in the game, Beedrill is still a fun and useful Pokemon if you play it safe.

Despite being the weakest pokémon in the game, Beedrill is an important part of the Pokemon Franchise. Many players remember evolving their Kakuna into the Poison Bee Pokemon. The Mega Beedrill was introduced in Pokemon GO in August 2020. Unlike Kakuna, this Pokemon is not immortal, allowing its owner to easily outmatch it. Its attacks are also limited to 10 damage.

Mega Beedrill is a very powerful Pokemon with a high base speed of 145. It can outspeed any Pokemon that uses the Scarf move. Because of its weakness to Bug and Fighting, Mega Beedrill is a good choice for those who want to avoid defeat. The bug type’s weakest attack is Sludge Bomb. But if you are worried about Mega Beedrill’s weaker moveset, Mewtwo may be the right choice.


weakest pokémon

You can beat Pinsir using any Pokemon with the correct Moveset, although this is not a must. Bug-type Pokemon have a high chance of winning battles, and Pinsir has good counter matchups against Grass, Fire, and Ghost-type Pokemon. This is why it is a good choice for Pokemon-taming purposes. Read on to learn more about Pinsir and the different ways to use it in battle.

The strongest aspect of Pinsir is its ability to crush its opponents. It is capable of lifting twice its own weight and can tear them in half. Pinsir lives in tropical and temperate forests. It is known to burrow underground and hide in treetops during cold nights. Pinsir is best used in groups, and is often found with Heracross or Vikavolt.

It made its first appearance in the Pokemon anime series. It debuted in the anime series, and it was later caught by Goh. Ash’s Pinsir first appeared in Pikachu’s Vacation, and later in the dub, in “Tracey Gets Bugged.” It battled Metapod and a group of wild Pikachu. It was later used in Giratina and the Sky Warrior. Ash and his friends used a Pinsir in the Battle Round of the Hoenn Grand Festival.

The best way to beat Pinsir is to use its defensive moves and avoid using the offensive move Set. Its most effective moveset is Bug Bite and X-Scissor. Pinsir has no evolutions in Pokemon GO, but it has a great battle record. It is a good choice for PVP battles and has no evolutions. And, as a bonus, Pinsir is a Tier 2 Raid Boss!

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weakest pokémon

The Slakoth is one of the most underpowered pokemon in the game. Because of its low Speed, usable Attack, and physical bulk, Slakoth is incredibly difficult to beat. However, this weakness is matched by its unique ability, Truant, which freezes it in place and prevents it from moving. This makes Slakoth an extremely powerful Pokémon for the wrong team.

Slakoth is the world’s laziest Pokemon, which conserves its energy to strike back if it needs to. But this laziness can be frightening when it’s gathered into one single, devastating attack. The Slakoth spends most of its time lying on its side, and only moves when grass becomes too scarce to continue its existence. It only uses this power when the grass it needs stops growing.

Slakoth is not the weakest pokémon in the game. But its base stats are still below average, which means it’s useless for competitive play. As a result, you shouldn’t try to use it in battle. However, you should not completely dismiss it because it’s the weakest pokémon in the game, despite having the lowest base stats of all the other pokemon in the game.

Wimpod is a squirmy Pokemon that’s a little afraid of people. Its venom is deadly, and it is a great way to protect your Pokemon. Wimpod evolves into a Golisopod, one of the strongest pokemon in the game. The Rattata is one of the most popular pokemon in the game, but it is also the weakest.


There are a lot of reasons why Geodude is the weakest pokémon. In the Kanto region, its low speed and Special Defense stat make it incredibly easy to take down. Nearly every common move can take down this pebble-shaped Pokemon. However, it doesn’t always have the lowest attack. In some cases, its low defense stat can actually help it. So, how can you use Geodude to your advantage?

The name of Geodude is a mashup of two words. Geo and dude are actually both names for rocks. Geo means “of the earth,” while dude means “of the earth.” The name of this rock-mon is derived from a subset of iron ore. Magnetite is an iron ore known for its strong magnetic properties. Although the word “geodude” isn’t really a Pokemon, it is one of the most common names for rocks in Pokmon games.

Geodude is a dual-type Pokemon from Generation 1. It lives in rocky areas and is often mistaken for a boulder. Its eyebrows are shaped like a rock, and it has brown eyes and a large mouth. Its arms are quite muscular, with human-like hands. These arms are great for climbing, and Geodude is commonly found near mountains. It can get angry if it is stepped on.

The first appearance of Geodude came in the manga Onix is On!. Brock was later seen with six Geodudes on his jacket. Geodude later appeared in the manga The Last Battle III, when Team Rocket used it to capture Green. It was also seen as a silhouette while Green was talking about Mew. Later, in Pikachu’s Rescue Adventure, Geodude was seen in the Japanese credits. The Geodude also appeared in Mawile and Mashing Makuhita.

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