If you’re a new startup, you’ve probably been wondering what the Most Useful HR Tools for Startups are. Here are five great tools for small businesses that can streamline the entire hiring process. Let’s start with Keka HRMS, which automates boring HR tasks, such as employee data input and onboarding. Then, move on to other tools that can simplify the hiring process. We’ll cover Zenefits, Cezanne HR, Paychex, eSkill, and other tools for startups.


If you are considering hiring an HR tool for your startup, you should check out Zenefits. It provides an intuitive user interface and offers hundreds of loan options. You can even find partner integrations, including Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Hangouts. It is also surprisingly affordable compared to many of its competitors. However, if you aren’t sure if Zenefits is right for your startup, check out the benefits of Gusto, a competitor that charges less.

While many startups may not have the budget to invest in such a high-end HR system, a few hundred dollars per month can help a startup achieve the ideal payroll and benefits plan. Zenefits also has a business intelligence feature that unifies all features into a single dashboard. It’s also easy to learn, and the affordable packages make it an ideal choice for startups. You’ll be able to save plenty of time on other aspects of running your business, including hiring, training, and ensuring your company’s compliance with employment law.

A few months ago, Zenefits halted hiring after it missed a $100 million revenue goal. Executives cut salaries and instituted a vacation ban, which Sacks wanted to stop. Conrad disagreed and said Zenefits should pursue enterprise clients instead of startups. However, the company’s financial performance has improved significantly since Conrad joined the company as chief operating officer in December 2014.

Besides HR software for startups, this company offers project management software. This platform allows you to manage your company’s assets and expenses, while also keeping employees informed and compliant. Its HR tool for startups makes it easy to manage the hiring process. You can set up project managers and manage your employees’ smartphones. It also integrates with other software, including HR apps. It is a great solution for both startups and established companies.

Cezanne HR

A fully web-based HR system, Cezanne HR features a core module for People Management, along with modules for Absence Management, Payroll, Time Tracking, Performance, and Career & Succession Planning. It offers comprehensive capabilities for a startup, ranging from employee data tracking to approving holidays. With its talent management features, Cezanne can help you identify and hire talent, as well as share job vacancies with various job portals.

Designed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses, Cezanne offers a flexible modular system, letting you choose which modules matter most. You can easily add new modules as your company grows. The software supports multiple languages and currency systems, and also helps manage remote teams. However, there are some limitations. The software lacks multilingual functionality and an outdated interface. However, it can be very effective for HR management for startups.

The software provides actionable analytics to help you make decisions about your company’s future. It also gives you access to the data of other companies to learn from the best practices of other companies. It also provides a self-service HR dashboard for employees to manage their benefits, request time off, and complete performance evaluations. Most HR software is cloud-based and offers mobile applications. You can access it from any location with an internet connection. When choosing an HR software package, consider the functions you’d like to automate, and whether it complements other software programs. A comprehensive HR platform may be necessary for a large company, while a small startup may simply need a few additional features.

Choosing the Best Human Resources HR software for a startup is vital for the success of your startup. It improves payroll, benefits, and onboarding, and helps you reduce human error. As a startup, every minute can be very expensive – even the smallest mistake can be disastrous. Cloud-based HR software ensures error-free operations with minimal effort. You can also save money by avoiding the costs associated with hiring employees and managing employee benefits.

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Paychex is a popular human resources software solution. It can help nearly every business, from startups to enterprises, manage payroll, taxes, insurance, employee benefits, and employee time tracking. Its payroll solutions also help with employee benefits and time tracking, as well as with compliance with labor laws. Among its many features, Paychex can also automate expenses and applicant tracking. A free trial is available, so you can see if it is right for you.

Paychex offers a wide range of customizable packages based on the size and type of your business. The company provides support around the clock, ensuring your employees are well-served and that your compliance and payroll infrastructure is up to par. However, the company does require a quote from its sales team, which can make it less attractive to those looking for complete transparency. Nonetheless, Paychex offers a range of affordable options for startups and growing companies alike.

For smaller businesses, Paychex also offers a platform called Zenefits that integrates with payrolls. This software offers benefits such as health insurance and retirement savings. Zenefits also offers a debit card for employee savings, a Gusto wallet app for syncing with payrolls, and the ability to manage all of your employees’ health insurance needs in one place. Another California-based HR tool, Justworks, is a simple-to-use platform that allows startup owners to create employee profiles in a few clicks. It offers two types of plans, including the Justworks PEO and the Justworks Plus plan. There is a monthly charge of $89 for the program, but each plan includes the flexibility of flexible pricing.

A unique feature of Paychex’s Flex plan is its flexibility. It offers the ability to securely link with accounting software like Sage or Xero, and also to share data with dozens of third-party tools. Flex plans can also help you get rid of paperwork, including new hire paperwork. Employees can complete all forms digitally and submit them via email. It has many features that make it an indispensable HR tool for startups.


If you’re a startup, you’ve likely heard of eSkill. It’s a comprehensive human resources solution that integrates with payrolls, including salary caps and remuneration rates. Its expert support is available by phone, SMS, email, and Slack. With eSkill, you can quickly create profiles for new employees and manage benefits and time and attendance. The service also offers a PEO, and has a variety of plans.

When choosing a HR tool, make sure you find one that fits the needs of your startup. A few popular choices are: Avature, Entelo, and PeopleGoal. These applications focus on different aspects of human resources, including contact management, recruiting, and application tracking. The startup-friendly versions of these tools can be found in free and paid versions. In addition to hiring software, you should consider other human resources tools for startups.

eSkill is a cloud-based HR tool that makes it easy to assess the skills and job fit of candidates. It comes with a vast library of skills tests, video responses, and more. Using eSkill can give your startup a detailed overview of each candidate and their abilities. You can also customize the application to meet your specific needs. If you want to take a test for free, you can do so here.

eSkill supports pre-employment tests, behavioral assessments, and voice and video interviews. With more than 1,000 tests, you can create a test tailored to your needs. Interview Mocha can help you find top-quality and relevant candidates quickly. You’ll save time and money and eliminate a lot of the hassle of recruitment and hiring. eSkill allows you to save time and money by eliminating the need for multiple live interviews and analyzing the responses from candidates.


Startups are increasingly focusing on employee onboarding as they struggle to find the time to properly train and onboard new employees. WorkBright helps streamline this process by sending personalized reminders to employees and ATS. The software helps streamline the filling of Form 1-9 forms and automates the process. WorkBright can send reminders to employees via email. The reminders will include a link to a personal account that employees can access to check if they’ve filled out all of their required paperwork.

WorkBright’s robust forms feature eliminates the need to create and distribute separate hiring packets. It automatically converts existing forms into smart forms and sends them for digital signatures. It allows 100% remote completion of Form I-9s and instant E-Verify submission. It also eliminates manual entry and human error. It also auto-stamped data to ensure accuracy. In short, WorkBright is one of the most useful HR tools for startups.

Cost: WorkBright is priced according to the number of new hires that your startup expects to onboard per year. The cost depends on the number of new employees you expect to hire per year. The pricing is flexible and depends on the size of your startup, so there are several affordable plans available. The platform also offers several paid features, including hiring and onboarding tools. You can choose between the free and paid versions of WorkBright depending on your business needs.

WorkBright is a mobile-first employee onboarding solution that simplifies the onboarding process. It uses a secure channel to collect data and send automated emails to new team members. WorkBright is compatible with mobile devices and can also integrate with other tools. These tools are the best HR tools for startups, especially if you want to reduce costs. Once you’ve found the right plan, WorkBright will help you keep track of employees with ease.

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