Right now there is a new product in a niche market that is growing fast, Striv TV . I have seen this product and talk to the people who have it and they are loving it. The product is a satellite DVR that can be plugged into any computer with an HDMI input. That makes it very convenient to use and brings new technology into your home, at a much lower price than other systems.

Sports on Striv Tv

For the sports fan, this product will change the way they watch sports. If you love sports and cable programming, but it is just too expensive for your budget, then this could be the answer to your needs. For less than the price of a good movie with a multiple channel package, you can get a DVR and see every game of the year on a separate channel, like you would with a cable package. This is a great idea for all sports fans because they can record a game and watch it any time they want.

There are several sports programming packages for people like you available. There are regional packages with a local sport provided, and there are national packages that provide a variety of sports programming from various networks. The prices vary widely, depending on what your needs are. You should choose a company that offers the best value for your dollar. Striv TV is one company that definitely has a value system in place for customers that need to save.

Feature of Striv TV

A big feature of the Striv TV product is its recording capability. With over 30 channels and tons of programming, you could have hours of sports, news, comedy, cartoons, documentaries, music videos, and so much more! Record any game, sporting event or music concert and take it with you! If you love that type of thing and have a hard time remembering it, this is the product for you.

First Feature of Striv Tv

The one draw back to many sports programming packages is not being able to pause or rewind a program when you need it. With Striv TV however, this is a feature that can easily be used. You can even stop and rewind a program that you are currently watching. This makes this product an excellent choice for people who like to follow their sports on the television but do not like missing a game or a valuable moment of play because they were too busy watching their favorite show.

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Second Feature of Striv Tv

One other feature is that Striv TV will automatically record as many of your favorite shows and programs as you want for a full month. When this is done, you will have more than thirty channels to watch. So, if you have a favorite show that you have been waiting to watch, this is the product for you. You will have a full season to watch whenever you want. The customer service at Striv is outstanding, too, and I always feel comfortable with my purchase.

Customer service of Striv Tv

In my opinion, the best part about Striv TV is the incredible customer service that it provides. They are extremely friendly and helpful. I have never had a problem with customer service when using Striv TV, and I would highly recommend it to anyone. The customer service has allowed me to be able to quickly find the program that I am looking for without feeling like I’m being rushed or pushed in any way.

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If you are someone who loves watching sports programming, I highly recommend that you look into Striv TV. I have never been happier with my decision to purchase this particular product, and I know that you will be too. You can browse through hundreds of channels with this product, and there is tons of sports programming to suit your taste. You will not have to worry about missing your favorite sports team again. It is just a great product that allows you to enjoy sports without missing your favorite moment ever again.


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