To keep your money safe while travelling, there are several smart tips to remember. One smart tip is to divide your money between cash and credit cards. Instead of keeping your money in a front pocket, you should use a separate safe compartment for each type of card. Another smart tip is to never flaunt your money, and consider carrying a dummy wallet. Listed below are some tips to keep your money safe while traveling.

Cash vs. cards – Which is Safe While Travelling?

When traveling abroad, you may be wondering which is better – cash or a credit card? Of course, it depends on your destination, the type of activity you will be engaging in, and the amount of cash you want to carry. For example, if you’re planning on using a credit card for your hotel room and sightseeing excursions, it may be best to use cash rather than credit. However, if you’re looking for convenience, credit cards are the most convenient way to pay for things.

While using cash can be convenient, using a credit card can be more expensive, and foreign transaction fees and exchange rates can significantly increase your travel expenses. As a result, you’ll need to convert money before using it abroad. In addition, foreign transaction fees and ATM fees can increase your travel costs. To decide which method is best, consider how much you plan to spend each day, and how much you’d like to pay in total.

Some credit cards may have foreign transaction fees, even if you have a favorable exchange rate. Other credit cards may also have fees, such as those associated with cashing out a balance. You should compare travel cards online before making a decision. A bank card can give you a safer and more comprehensive pool of funds, as well as the security of cash. A bank card can also be a better option for travel expenses if you plan to make a large number of purchases.

Avoid flaunting your money

The number one rule when traveling is not to flaunt your money. Many celebrities have had trouble with their tone-deafness, like Ellen Degeneres, who got into hot water after casually ordering a $13,000 bottle of wine while in quarantine. However, this is not necessarily intentional. While it is a good idea to hide large bills and other valuables while traveling, it is not advisable to use them unknowingly.

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Avoid carrying a dummy wallet

One of the best ways to prevent pickpockets from stealing your cash or credit cards is to carry a fake wallet. Using this decoy wallet will distract a pickpocket from the real thing, giving you time to call an alarm or run away. The dummy wallet can also help you to avoid becoming a victim of mugging by being easy to spot. Whether you are in a touristy destination or on a business trip, it’s a good idea to carry a dummy wallet.

One common mistake people make is to put earbuds in their ears. This may prevent them from noticing the surroundings around them. It’s also a bad idea to place promotional and expired credit cards in the dummy wallet. Instead, place small denominations of currency in the dummy wallet, where they can be easily seen. This will keep your bigger bills secure and out of reach of thieves. It’s also a good idea to carry a cheap dummy wallet while traveling to keep them secure.

While traveling, don’t carry your real cash. Carrying a fake wallet won’t make you a target because it won’t look real to a mugger. A dummy wallet can be disguised as a real wallet to fool pickpockets. Since pickpockets usually target the wallets with the easiest access, you’ll be far less likely to be targeted.

Choosing a safe way to carry your cash on a trip involves a careful balancing act between safety and utility. While securing your money by making it hard to access will help prevent thieves from stealing it, most travelers will want to be able to access their cash easily when paying for things. offers 10 tips for safely carrying your cash and credit cards. While this article was written by a freelance writer, we are compensated through affiliate links.

Avoid displaying valuables

While traveling, avoid displaying any of your valuables, including credit cards, cash, and cash equivalents. Whether it’s expensive jewelry or cameras, displaying these items will attract unwanted attention. Also, avoid leaving your bags out in plain view. Always lock them up in your hotel room safe or use a locker to store them. If you do not want to risk leaving your purse unattended, be sure to put valuables in separate pockets.

When using an ATM, make sure that you’re using the machine that was provided by the hotel. Many places have ATMs in them that will allow you to withdraw cash from a machine. However, you’ll need to be discreet when counting your money and not display it in plain sight. This will prevent the thief from seeing your wallet or phone and making you a target. In addition to not displaying your money, consider carrying a photocopy of your identification instead of your real ID. Keep the real ID locked away in a hotel safe.

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