Reviews of Best From YouTube to MP3 Converters ,Hundreds of thousands of movies are displayed every day on YouTube. Even if there is no download option, viewers can always browse and listen to the content. If you are in this situation, it can be essential to download the audio source, but luck is on your side, because many external downloaders have been in the past. There are a number of free YouTube and superior quality to the MP3 converter available on the Internet. Everyone has its own advantages. An online YouTube converter is the best tool for converting YouTube to MP4.

From YouTube to MP3 converter

An online video converter specializes in MP3 conversions of YouTube videos. The MP3 format allows you to export audio files to a wide range of devices. YouTube allows you to download audiobooks directly on your audio device, mobile phone or iPod. Keep movies and audiobooks on your phone or tablet occupies a lot of storage space. Audiobooks and podcasts have seen a significant increase in popularity. When you drive or travel, you can hear them well. As long as you have audio, you can probably pass without the visual component of the video presentation. You can download YouTube videos as MP3 files and listen to them whenever you want.

If you are looking for a stand-alone service where you can paste the URL of a video and convert it to MP3, you can use an online YouTube converter on MP4 or MP3 or standalone service. When you decide a YouTube converter, here are some points to keep in mind:


The best YouTube to MP3 converter can be found online but reliable converter software is preferable. Advertisements may be a concern when using online services. In many situations, these advertisements contain malicious software that can infect your device. Therefore, you need to choose the best online video converter to convert YouTube videos, Instagram or TikTok.


When it comes to converting YouTube videos, you need a line that can quickly handle big playlists. What is the definition of fast? One minute should be sufficient to convert ten videos of three minutes each.

Because it takes so much time to convert, it is one of the least preferred things to treat. When using online video converters, a new MP3 version of the video can be downloaded in just a few seconds. Depending on the duration of your video, the speed to which it is converted may vary. These services do not require you to subscribe.


Among the largest YouTube converters, this one is able to convert almost any video format into audio. Remember that the quality of the original sound should not be affected during the conversion.

Downloading Using URL

The central side of the user interface has a link field. To start, copy and paste a URL. Enter the YouTube URL in the box. The format you choose must be based on your needs after conversion, click the Start button and download. There are many mp3 files to choose from.

Downloading Is Unrestricted

More YouTube videos can be converted at the same time using online video converters because there is no conversion limit.

Grab Audio From Youtube

Converting a YouTube video to an audio file can be done quickly and easy to use online tools such as an online video converter. There is no such an option on the website or the application of YouTube. Listen to electronic dance music while working does not require a phone. In order to work without being distracted, you will need an offline song stored on your mobile device. Our devices may require offline music access, depending on similar circumstances. YouTube MP3 downloads allow you to download a YouTube video as an MP3 file. You can listen to it on a handheld mp3 player if you want.

Free Software to Convert from YouTube to MP3 for iPhone

Part 1: YouTube to MP3 Converter on iPhone

1: Video to MP3 Converter

Video to MP3 Converter is an application that allows you to convert videos into different audio formats such as AAC, MP3, M4A, Opus, WAV and much more, and save it to your iPhone.

The features of this application are –

  • You can select audio tracks and customize the sampling rate, volume and flow rate.
  • You can decide on the start and end point of the audio to convert.
  • You can import audio or video from album, camera roll, drive, Google Drive, Dropbox or iCloud.
  • You can open audio files with this application and share them with other applications as well.

2: MyMP3

MyMP3 can convert videos available to your device in MP3 quickly. You can save audio recorded in MP3 and WAV format.

The main features of MyMP3 are –

  • You can convert local videos to MP3 and share them on any social media, e-mail or instant messaging application.
  • This allows you to modify the metadata.
  • You can save from a microphone, a CD, a turntable, audio broadcast from the Internet, Skype calls or phone calls, as well as tastes.
  • It allows you to tear CDs, rename batch files, planning records, silent detection and playlist management while recording vinyl albums.

Part 2: YouTube to MP3 converter for iPhone (on Desktop)

1: Filmora

You can use Filmora as YouTube music converter that will help convert without effort. Filmora is essentially a video editing software that can help you change in different ways. You can change one of your video projects with ease when using Filmora. In order to convert YouTube to MP3 on iPhone, you can choose the iPhone as a target device while exporting. Consults some amazing features of this software. Or you can learn more about Wondershare’s video community.

Main characteristics:

  • Everyone can easily use it for its extremely easy interface and design.
  • People may have the pleasure of various graphic features with this tool such as filters and overlays.
  • With this software, we can brake several videos seamlessly without compromising the quality.
  • There are many advanced tools associated with Filmora, including the background blur, audio mixer, screen splitting, text editing, and so on.
  • 4K videos are also supported via filmora easily.

2: Freemake Video Downloader

FREEMAKE VIDEO DOWNLOADER is a YouTube music converter that allows you to save YouTube videos and MP3s on your iPhone. When converting videos to MP3, you must specify the destination device (Export to iPod / iPhone), so the right format can be set for the same thing.

The characteristics of this application are –

  • You can automatically have exported audios on iTunes.
  • Simple process 3 steps to download and save YouTube videos in your iPhone.

3: Any Audio Converter

All Audio Converter is a converter and an online downloader that allows you to convert YouTube videos to MP3 for iPhone to the desired quality and size of audio files. The YouTube Music Converter can convert downloaded videos and music to AAC, MP3, WAV and WMA faster with better quality.

The main features of this audio converter are –

  • You can download online videos and music from more than 100 sites.
  • It helps you rip and extract audio CDs and videos.
  • It supports audio conversion to multiple formats without compromising quality.
  • You can burn videos to AVCHD DVD or DVD.
  • You can edit video with special effects, clips or culture effects.

4: Softorino YouTube Converter 

Softorino YouTube Converter 2 can not only convert Youtube to MP3 for iPhone, but also to MP4 for all iOS devices as well. It is compatible with more than 60 higher sources.

  • With this app you can also access videos, music and ringtones.
  • It supports all iOS devices and provides 4K Ultra HD, with subtitles.
  • Automatically connects your device to Wi-Fi and recognizes the content automatically for the album.

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FAQs About Convert From YouTube to MP3

  1. Can You Convert YouTube Videos to mp3 on iPhone?

Yes you can. There are many websites and downloader applications that allow you to convert YouTube videos to MP3 on your iPhone.

But there are legal problems that you need to consider before joining the trend towards conversion. Technically, it is not illegal to convert a YouTube video to MP3 – but it’s illegal to download a copyright music video. In addition, YouTube stated that the tearing of flows violates their conditions of use, and YouTube & Google have tried to close many websites providing video conversion services.

  1. How Can I Save a Song From YouTube to My iPhone?

There are many ways to do that. The legal and recommended method is to obtain a YouTube Music Premium subscription. This will allow you to download YouTube songs and save them on your iPhone for offline consumption. The alternative solution involves many websites and applications allowing you to convert YouTube videos to MP3 and download them to your iPhone. This approach, however, is illegal and should be avoided.

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Best from YouTube to MP3 Converters of 2021 (Free and Online)

1: 4K Video Downloader From YouTube to MP3

4K Video Downloader allows you to download and convert videos, playlists, channels, subtitles, and more than several sites.

In addition, the entire download process as well as convert videos is simple. It provides quick download and you need to store the original quality video, even after conversion.

Main characteristics:

  • Diaporeshow Maker – You can use this tool to download videos, edit them and create slideshows.
  • Audio Extraction – This tool allows you to extract audio from video clips.
  • Multi-platform compatibility – 4K video download allows you to download videos of platforms such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Tiktok, Facebook, Vimeo, among others.
  • Intelligent Mode – Enabling “Smart Mode” feature helps faster offline downloads and conversion.


  • It allows you to Lotch Download the video
  • Delivered with many deepened tutorials that are useful if you are a beginner
  • Allows you to save complete playlists and YouTube channels
  • You can download videos in high resolutions such as 1080p, 720p, 4K and 8K
  • Allows you to extract the YouTube subtitles and save them in SRT format in more than 50 languages

2: YTD Video Downloader From YouTube to MP3

YTD VIDEO DOWNLOADER is one of the simplest tools, used by millions of global levels. It provides rich features and is updated regularly to integrate the latest technologies. In addition, it is a smooth and unobstructed interface that is fast and easy to use.

Main characteristics:

  • Multi-Format Compatibility – You can download and convert text into formats like MP3, MP4, WMV, FLV, MOV, 3GP, AVI, etc.
  • Advanced Panel – This feature allows you to monitor your activities convert multiple YouTube videos simultaneously.
  • HD Videos – You can enjoy the HD video quality of the main streaming video sites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, etc.


  • The tool includes a YouTube converter and a player
  • You can pause and resume downloads
  • Allows you to download videos from several sites supported like Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, YouTube, among others


  • The free version does not allow you to download or convert more than one video at a time.
  • The free plan does not support batch download

3: Wondershare UniConverter From YouTube to MP3

Uniconverter Wondershare is an excellent video converter and one of the safest ways to download YouTube videos and convert them into other types of files.

Whether you are on a Mac or a PC, you can download and convert YouTube videos, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook and other sites.

It claims 30 times a faster speed when downloading and converting videos to its peers. Used by millions of people across the globe, it also offers video quality video and video quality formats.

Main characteristics:

  • High Customization – This tool offers great flexibility and excellent customization with advanced mounting features.
  • Powerful DVD Toolkit – The DVD Toolkit feature helps you create and edit DVD (Blu-ray) files.
  • Optimized video tools – It offers a set of optimized video tools such as the video compressor, the image converter, the screen recorder, the GIF manufacturer, the VR converter, the DVD converter, among others.


  • You can download and convert videos from a crowd of platforms like Vimeo, Dailymotion, YouTube, Facebook, etc.
  • It offers a highly intuitive user interface.
  • It allows you to easily convert videos or photos into gifs.


  • The Blu-ray edition is only compatible with Windows systems

4: SnapDownloader From YouTube to Mp3

Snapdownloader is without a doubt one of YouTube’s most popular YouTube converters. It is comparable to the 4K video downloader, our choice # 1 because it offers some of the highest audio quality files I heard from YouTube MP3 converter. In addition to this, it is also a youtube video downloader in its own right, so you would only need this tool for all your video downloads.

Main characteristics:

  • Automatically converts video into audio – no need to do it separately. When you download a video from a publisher, it also uploads audio for you too.
  • Compatible with more than 900 platforms – you are not blocked with a simple YouTube tool with converter MP3 here.
  • Integrated YouTube Search – Right in the platform, you can search for YouTube videos and a single click Download your download.


  • Download videos and audio files from 8K up to 720p.
  • User-friendly interface in an easy-to-use way than a LOF THE FREE YOUTUBE TO MP3 Options on the market.
  • Convert to 7 different file formats, including MP4, MP3, AVI, AAC, M4A, WAV and AIFF.


  • Honestly, the only “con” of this product is that it is not free. But I could hardly call it a con because with software, you almost always get what you pay.

5: aTube Catcher From YouTube to MP3

atube is one of the most popular YouTube YouTube converters and screen recorders on this list. With this tool, you also end up saving valuable computer resources. In addition, it is suitable for beginners and experts.

Main characteristics:

  • Multi-peripheral compatibility – it is compatible with various devices, including iPad, iPod, GPS devices, mobile phone, DVD, VCD, etc.
  • Multi-Format Compatibility – The tool can convert videos into many formats such as MP2, MP3, MP4, Gif, Flac, WAV, etc.
  • Multi-language compatibility – It is compatible with many languages, allowing you to view all types of videos.


  • It can also perform a combustion of DVD / VCD videos
  • Comes with a built-in screen recorder to capture videos on the screen
  • It can capture and convert Windows Live Messenger video chat sessions, webinars, DVD movies, etc.


  • Terms and conditions are governed by Mexican laws and not the United States
  • The tool works better with YouTube and sometimes does not work well with other tools

6: Freemake From YouTube to MP3

Freemake is a popular tool used by more than 90 million people around the world. It can modify and convert videos, as well as extract specific parts for your use. The overwhelming center of this site is on the quality of recorded videos.

Main characteristics:

  • Multi-platform compatibility – Freemake allows you to extract and download videos of many platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.
  • Multi-format support – not only MP3 or MP4, but you can also convert and save your files in formats such as AVI, WMV, MKV, 3GP, etc.


  • You can use the tool to incorporate online videos and Burn DVD / VCDS
  • It offers services in 4 languages
  • You can use this tool to download and easily convert 4K, Full HD and HD files.
  • Allows you to save and convert up to 500 clips simultaneously


  • Customer service needs some improvement
  • Does not always guarantee high speed conversions
  • The free version includes a watermark

7: YTMP3 – from YouTube to MP3 Converter

YTMP3 is one of the youtube converters most accessible to available MP3 files. The good news is that this free tool is compatible with all types of devices, including computers, mobile devices and tablets.

Main characteristics:

  • Multi-Format Support – Files can be converted and saved in MP3 and MP4 formats.
  • Edit File Names – This tool allows you to edit, edit, and customize file names when you save them.
  • Focus of quality – The tool does not allow you to adjust the quality of the files, but the integrated code for the software always guarantees high quality.


  • This tool offers very high conversion and download speeds
  • This does not involve pop-ups or hidden advertisements and is without viruses
  • The website is without the toolbar
  • The tool is fast and usually takes 2 minutes for conversions


  • Does not offer batch conversions
  • Does not allow you to change the quality of audio files and audio formats
  • It does not support videos greater than 1 hour long

8: Y2mate From YouTube to MP3

Y2Mate is better known for its convivial and rich features. It provides safety against malware and virus attacks, which makes it distinguishing it by peers. It is also decidedly simple to use. Simply copy the URL from the Internet and paste it into the text editor and click the ‘Convert’ option.

Main characteristics:

  • Multi-Format Support – The tool supports multiple video output formats. These include MP4, MV4, 3GP, WMV, FLV, Mo, MP3, etc.
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility – You can use it to download and convert platform videos such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, etc.
  • Unlimited capacity – The tool allows you to download and convert an unlimited number of videos.


  • It is fully compatible with all browsers (Chrome, Safari, edge, etc.).
  • The tool offers a clean and intuitive user interface and operates at a high speed.
  • It also offers browser extensions for faster downloads
  • Does not allow any context window on its interface, which makes it safe enough


  • The conversion of long videos takes more time
  • The optimal conversion speed is only available for videos between 8 and 10 minutes.
  • The server sometimes takes too much time to answer or does not answer quite

9: AVC From YouTube to MP3

Stroke or any video converter is an intuitive user tool used widely by millions of people around the world. Its USPS is its friendliness and high speed conversions. In addition, it promises an advertising interface, spyware and an interface without malicious software that is not subject to any virus.

Main characteristics:

  • Multi-Platform Compatibility – This allows you to download videos of platforms such as Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion, etc.
  • Burning Video – You can download and save videos and burn them on blank DVDs.


  • You can cut and edit videos, adjust weam rates, video quality and audio quality, bit rates and customize them
  • It supports a range of video entrances such as MP4, MPEG, VOB, WMV, 3GP, 3G2, MKV, MOD, among others.


  • You must install the software to use it
  • The free version does not offer ready-to-use DVD templates

10: DVDVideoSoft From YouTube to MP3

DVDVideoSoft is a popular platform for downloading and converting videos, downloaded more than 1.4 billion times in the world. It is updated regularly to provide excellent user experience. In addition, it is simple enough to use. Just copy the URL of YouTube videos online, paste them on the text editor and click on the ‘Convert’ option. That’s it!

Main characteristics:

  • Multi-Format Support – You can convert and save files in MP4, AVI and MP3 formats.
  • Uploading subtitles – This tool allows you to download subtitles easily.
  • Stream YouTube Multi-Format – You can broadcast it in formats like MP4, MKV up to 8K UHD, Webm and MP3.


  • DVDVideosoft is easy to use – you can simply copy the URL in the text editor and convert
  • The tool allows a bulk download from YouTube and other platforms
  • The download speed is fast


The tool allows you to download exclusively from YouTube


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