Photocall TV is a network platform focusing on audiovisual content. Once you visit, you will be able to see a large number of national DTT TV channels, international channels are also open, other channels include a large number of different themes (children, adults, movies, sports, documentaries), and radio.

All of this content is streamed online and on a third-party server, because Photocall TV is not a streaming company like Netflix, HBO, etc.

In Photocall.TV it is crude and direct, but one of those addresses that you must keep: the live broadcasts of more than 1,000 national and international television channels . The typical thing you need when you want to see something specific on any channel that is not on your television, within the reach of one or two clicks:

  • 246 national channels
  • 390 international channels
  • 369 cable channels / other
  • 230 radio channels
  • 14 links to programming guides

photocall tv

The quality is more than reasonable, a bit pixelated on some humble channels but not overly compressed Full-HD 1080 on others. Sound, another important factor, is well synchronized and perfectly intelligible. Nor have I found any station that fails while testing: they all seem to be quite up to date.

I have no idea if it will last long or end up having legal or other problems, but at the moment it is there for the enjoyment of those who need to see something beyond conventional TV.

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How many channels does photocall Tv have? (content)

Over time, it will undergo some changes, but there are currently more than 1,200 channels available, including TV and radio. These channels are domestic and international. For example, when you visit Photocall TV, you will see the following content tabs:

  • Nationals: You can find more than 200 free DTT channels, such as public channel La 1, private channels (such as Antena 3, La Sexta, Telecinco), and regional channels (such as Canal Sur, etc.).
  • International: There is a huge list of more than 400 channels from other countries in Europe, America and Asia. For example, CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC, BBC, ABC, etc.
  • Other: There are themed channels for news, sports, music, movies, children, comedy and even adult content. In total, they are also close to 400.
  • Radio: If you prefer to listen to your favorite radio stations, you can also access more than 200 radio stations in this other section. Politics, social gatherings, music, etc. For example, you have current national radio stations (such as COPE, Onda Cero, RNE) or sports stations (such as Radio Marca, RAC 1, Radio Sevilla) and musicals (such as Dial, Los 40, Europa FM, etc.).
  • Guide: Here you will not find radio or TV channels, but you will find a wonderful program guide so that you can keep abreast of all the content broadcast on different channels. They are not real guides in themselves, but links to well-known program guides, such as Movistar +, TV Guía, Fórmula TV, etc., with 14 links in total.
  • Information: You can find information about Photocall TV in this section, such as contact email address, legal notices, and links to different browser thumbnails that can help you improve your experience, such as viewing Chromecast in full screen for HLS compatibility.js , Burning content, etc.
  • VPN: is a menu that contains links to some of the most popular and high-quality streaming content VPNs.
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Of course, it also has a search engine where you can search for the channel or content you are looking for by name.

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How to watch Photocall TV on my device

In order to start enjoy the Photocall TV service now, the steps to follow are extremely simple.

  • Watch Photocall TV online on my PC
  • View Photocall TV on my mobile device
  • See Photocall TV on my Smart TV

Photocall TV quality and stability?

Unlike other platforms, Photocall TV has many high-quality images. Although this also depends on the channel selected, not all platforms have the same quality. Of course, online and free, don’t expect 4K miracles or anything like that.

On the other hand, the platform also provides good stability. You usually can’t find something in some apps to view such content or other websites, where every two or three videos are cut or frozen. Again, as with quality, this may also depend on the selected channel.

Do I have to pay?

No, Photocall TV is completely free. You do not need to pay any type of access fees or maintenance subscription fees like other premium services. Coupled with a huge channel catalog and service quality, this platform has become one of the favorites of many users.

Another positive fact of the platform is that when you click on the channel icon and access the content, it will start playing immediately, without annoying ads.

On which devices can it work?

As an online service, Photocall TV will be available on a large number of devices. All you need is a compatible web browser, regardless of the operating system or computer architecture. This makes it suitable for:

  • PC with GNU/Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, macOS, etc.
  • Video game consoles such as Sony’s PlayStation or Microsoft’s Xbox.
  • Smart TVs, even TVs connected via Chromecast.
  • IOS / iPadOS and Android mobile devices. There is also a TV box.
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