Medesync is a Canadian medical technology company that develops electronic medical records software. It offers a comprehensive set of features to improve the operations of a clinic.

It provides tools to manage patient information, scheduling, prescriptions, billing, access to laboratory results, and much more. The software also has strong reporting capabilities. With its flexibility, Medesync can be used by both general practitioners and specialists. The company’s staff can be transitioned from its current software provider, TELUS Health, to using its platform. This will ensure that Medesync customers continue to enjoy consistent service and support.

Software of Medesync

The software is available in both cloud and premise versions, which are designed to meet the needs of small to medium-sized medical practices. The company offers both cloud and premise-based deployment options, so the software is suited for a variety of business sizes. The product was initially developed by doctors, but today it is available to enterprise customers as well. Currently, it offers an EMR solution that caters to medical practices of all sizes.

Electronic medical records system

Medesync is an electronic medical records (EMR) system that can be used by small, mid-size, and enterprise-level healthcare organizations. It is designed to meet the needs of both medical practices and RAMQ. In addition to its EMR and practice management features, Medesync also provides online support and a patient portal. However, the company’s competitor, Expertly, offers similar functionality.

Features of Medesync

  • Medesync is an EMR that offers an end-to-end solution for Windows. The software has several features that help healthcare providers manage the workflow and improve patient care. Its built-in templates help physicians quickly and easily complete their documentation. It also offers e-prescribing and appointment scheduling features, as well as a self-service portal. While Medesync may not be the best choice for every practice, it can be a valuable tool in your practice.
  • It includes features that help physicians manage their clinics more efficiently and securely. It also features lab results integration and drug monograph information. Medesync also lets doctors prescribe right from the computer. This means that healthcare professionals no longer have to rely on paper and pen.
  • In addition to EMR, the software includes other features for appointment management and E-Prescribing. Medesync offers an online support system for medical practices. You can also get help from a customer service representative if you need any technical help.
  • It automates administrative and clinical tasks such as note-taking and billing. It also provides built-in templates. It is one of the few EMRs specifically designed for healthcare professionals. It helps physicians manage their clinics securely and efficiently. It includes features for drug monograph information, RAMQ integration, and lab result integration.
  • It is compatible with all operating systems, including Windows and Linux. This system is also compatible with Windows and Mac devices. The main advantage of Medesync is that it has integrated lab results, and is optimized for the specific needs of Quebec physicians.

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Social media accounts of Medesync

Key certifications

  1. Sanctioned by the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS)
  2. Certified by the Quebec Health File (QHR)
  3. Connected to the RAMQ B2B service for family doctor recording
  4. Connected to the Commission on Standards, Equity, Health and Labor Safety (CNET)
  5. Connected to Specialized Services (APSS), Health Quebec (RVSQ), and Registry Vaccination of Quebec (Si-PMI)
  6. Certified for telehealth (MSSS)

What do Medesync can do for you


A customizable EMR

Suitable for your needs: Support your practice by easily customizing your patient’s summary, clinical notes and creating your own electronic forms.

SIMPLIFY YOUR PROCESS: Save time with integrated models for pre-populating forms, clinical notes, prescriptions, invoices, etc.

Say goodbye to duplicates

Manage patient information: Reduce duplicate records and errors by retrieving the patient’s name and information directly from the RAMQ database with their health insurance card number and using additional fields to capture additional information about patients to support research.

Increased productivity: Accelerate the creation of appointments with pre-populated information from the RAMQ database.

Optimize planning

Unique screen view: Customize your calendar display and access the calendars for each clinician on the same screen.

Improve the efficiency of practice: quickly book appointments using the smart search function to find available locations, automatically transfer patients from the waiting list and send appointment booking confirmations.

Improve clinical note

Check the summary of a patient, capture notes, add images, prescribe and fill forms – everything on a single screen.

Multiple Methods: Capture clinical notes via the keypad, shortcuts, voice recognition or electronic forms, as well as add images and annotations.

Peer Forms: Download, Customize, and share more than 3,500 electronic forms created by members of the Medeesync community.

Electronic fax: automatically send faxes to refer to doctors or pharmacists from the form with a single click.

Obstetric module included

Extended data capture: Complete obstetric visits with unlimited details that can also be printed, imitating MSSS forms.

Addresses to your needs: Get an automatic calculation of dates due and easily refer to the patient’s history of previous pregnancies.

Stay at the top of the vaccines

Go quickly to the view of clinical reminders to schedule future vaccines for your patients.

Follow the PIQ standards (Quebec Immunization Protocol).

Check out the patient vaccine profiles, including the adverse effects of the Quebec vaccination register – of your EMR.

Add vaccines to the patient table and the provincial registry in a single step.

One of the very rare EMRS certified by the SMSS and integrated into the Quebec vaccination register (IP-PMI).

Manage income with integrated billing

Bill directly in Ramq: Save time, reduce the risk of error and maximize your income by emitting billing information directly to RAMQ.

Six Partners: Choose from one of our six partners who offer billing solutions and manage your income.

Things you will love on Medesync

Creation of patient records and appointment management

Identify patients by sweeping the barcode on their health insurance card in an automatic recording kiosk or at the reception

Capture patient information through electronic questionnaires to prevail and validate information during consultations

Clinical tools adapted to you

Define clinical reminders for proactive follow-ups of patient cohorts

On one screen, display the exam results using color codes highlighting anomalies or associated tasks and easily assign tasks using templates.

Quickly search medications, add favorites, or create templates to prescribe multiple medications in one click

Administrative tools that help increase efficiency

Scan the documents one to one hour or in batches, then index them with the AutoFill tool, depending on your own categories.

Use your EMR data library to generate custom reports and forms

Compile statistics from your clinical notes with custom forms and take advantage of the coding functionality to exploit the wealth of your data.


Medesync is a cloud-based EMR. It is a cloud-based electronic medical record. It has the capability to automate administrative and clinical tasks and provides built-in templates. It is a product of TELUS Health, a Canadian company that deals with digital healthcare solutions. Medesync is available in various countries. It is available on its website for free. It can be used by small and medium-sized healthcare providers.

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