How Many Calories in Pork Chop ? A pork chop is a lean cut taken parallel to the backbone of the pig, typically a rear rib or a partial thoracic vertebra, and is generally a single-slice cut. Pork chops are more commonly served raw, and are often accompanied by vegetables, applesauce, and other entrees.

Depending on what cuts are used, pork chops can vary in price from about twenty dollars to over one hundred dollars. They also go by different names, including ball, chuck, steak, hock, butt, chops and neck.

Calories in pork chop

While many people mistakenly believe that a boneless pork chop contains the same number of calories as a cooked beef roast, it should be noted that the two are actually very different animals.

While beef is a good all round protein, a healthy cutting of pork can have up to six times the amount of calories. For this reason, many vegetarians avoid the preparation of a boneless pork chop at home. However, it is possible to cook a healthy, low fat, yet tasty meal using this versatile ingredient.

How to prepare pork chop

To prepare a boneless pork chop using lean meat, remove any excess fat from the exterior and rub the exposed meat with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Place in the oven and let cook for about an hour, turning occasionally.

Remove when it is done cooking and set aside to allow it to cool. While it is cooking, use a food processor to grate any celery and onion that may remain. This will reduce the amount of calories you have used from the beef fat.

Calculate the number of calories in pork chops

Calculate the number of calories in pork chops or loins grilled to determine if the total is less than your daily recommended net carbs. Net carbs are those that are not immediately converted to calories in your body, such as those found in sugary treats.

A serving (2 oz) of these can contain up to 35 calories, so keep that in mind when considering how many calories in pork chop or loin grilled are going to be lost through your body’s normal digestive process.

Another consideration is the fiber content of these products. If you are trying to lose weight, reducing your intake of fiber can help you to successfully lower your net carbs in pork chop or loin grilled.

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Adding vegetable in pork chops

If you add a lot of vegetables to your boneless pork chops or loin grilled meal, there will be a greater amount of fiber and fewer calories. The idea is to mix things up by using different vegetables and meats without decreasing the overall fat count. As you experiment, look for combinations that are high in both protein and fiber.

Some great combinations include: a blend of red bell pepper with onion; peppers with carrots; or even a mixture of tenderloin and kale. These will all increase your net carbs, but also give you a colorful and tasty side dish to enjoy as well.

The final consideration when you are calculating calories in pork chop and other similar items is the fat. Your goal is to keep your fat consumption low, while still increasing your net carbs.

This can often be accomplished by simply grilling the meat and using seasonings like garlic, ginger, rosemary, thyme, etc. Look for moist medium-fat cuts of meat with small amounts of fat. For example, if you’re grilling a piece of tenderloin, look for a piece with no more than 10 calories per inch.

Other options for increasing the amount of fat in your pork chop include sprinkling black pepper on the outside of the meat and baking the chop. Both these options will add calories, but will also raise the amount of flavoring as well. In addition, a pork chop roasted in a pan with a little olive oil added to it will also help to create a delicious, slightly sweet flavor while maintaining a low calorie count.

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Conclusion of calories in pork chop

As you can see, there are several options when it comes to reducing your calorie count in this food category. Choose one that will create a flavorful side dish while still providing you with high quality protein.

Pork is a great protein source, especially in the summer, which is what makes this food a popular choice for many people who enjoy eating out. The key is to use the information provided here to determine how many calories are in your chosen chop to make any purchasing decisions accordingly.


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