Kacey Alexander Gaulden was born in the United States on February 13, 2019. The entire delivery process was broadcast live on Hip-Hop Vibe Online, which means that he became famous even before he entered the world.

NBA YoungBoy is Kacey’s father, a professional rapper, and Jania is a star on Instagram.

Wiki of Kacey Alexander Gaulden

  • Birth Name         Kacey Alexander Gaulden
  • Nickname           KAG,Kacey
  • Birthday             February 13, 2019
  • Birthplace           Los Angeles
  • Hometown          Los Angeles
  • Age                    2 years old
  • Nationality          American
  • Religion              Christianity
  • Zodiac Sign         Aquarius

Early and Personal Life of Kacey Alexander Gaulden

Kacey Alexander Gaulden was born a few months after his parents, rapper Young Boy, and social media star Jania Meshell (commonly known as Jania Bania) broke up. The couple had a nasty breakup in 2018, and kacey was born on February 13, 2019.

Siblings of Kacey Alexander Gaulden

The young child has four siblings, including three step-brothers and a half-sister. Taylin, Kamiri and Kamiri are Kacey’s half-brothers, and Armani is his half-sister. Niaa is Taylin’s mother, Armani and Kayden have a mother Nisha, and Kamiri’s mother is Starr Dejanee. Soon there will be another sibling of Kacey from Instagram star Iyanna Mayweather.

Who is Kacey Alexander Gaulden’s parents?

Kacey Alexander Gaulden

Kacey’s parents are NBA YoungBoy and Jania Bania. Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, also known as NBA YoungBoy, is a popular American rapper who brought us popular songs such as Eclipse, Outdoor Today, Love Is Poison, Graffiti, Permanent Scar, Doin Bad, Survivor, etc.

Who is Kacey Alexander Gaulden’s mom Jania Bania?

Kacey’s mother Jania Bania (Jania Meshell Jackson) is an Instagram star and YouTuber. You can check her Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

How old were NBA YoungBoy and Jania Bania when Kacey Alexander Gaulden was born?

When kacey was born, NBA YoungBoy was only 18 years old, and Jania Bania was only 21 years old.

Kacey’s Popularity

In addition to the baby mother’s drama, NBA YoungBoy has proven to love all his children, including kacey Alexander Gaulden . For this reason, he wrote a song called “Kacey Talk” and showed his son Kacey in a music video in 2020.

That was the first video of Kacey Alexander Gaulden. You can watch the music on YouTube to see the progress of this song.

There are many dramatic things surrounding this young man, all of which revolve around his parents, and more importantly, around his father. For starters, YoungBoy Never Broke Again has a complete history, including his many baby mothers. He even has two children from different mothers, and they almost share the same birthday. More importantly, his father’s current girlfriend Iyana Mayweather stabbed a girl in YoungBoy’s NBA previous relationship and was arrested for it.

Sometime in 2019, a video of YoungBoy appeared on the Internet and someone saw him attacking Kacey’s mother Jania Meshell.

This prompted him to be summoned to the Vail County District Attorney’s Office in November 2019, where he reached an agreement acknowledging a violation of simple domestic battery violence. As a result, his prosecutor dropped the kidnapping charges and aggravated assault charges. Although Kacey’s mother refused to raise the charges, the matter was resolved amicably in her absence.

In the same year, NBA YoungBoy did not easily break up with Kacey’s mother. He discarded a diss track for Meshell in the song “The Truth About Herpes”. After the track was released, Kacey Alexander’s mother fought back with a series of tweets, denying the allegations made in the track.

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Many people groups need to realize what is Kacey Alexander Gaulden identity, ethnicity, Ancestry and Race?

According to public assets, IMDb and Wikipedia, the nationality of Kacey Alexander Gaulden is unclear.

Fast forward to September 2020. Kacey’s father, YoungBoy NBA, was charged and arrested for possession of stolen guns. However, all these allegations were rejected by his lawyers. When the media did not forget these allegations, he cancelled all social media platforms.

Today, we got to know Kacey on his mother’s Instagram timeline, and he is growing into a cute little boy. Some of his parents’ plays made Kacey Alexander famous, but we hope that he will not be affected by all the plays when he grows up.

Kacey Alexander Gaulden Net Worth

Kacey Alexander Gaulden’s father NBA Youngboy and mother Jania have made considerable money through their careers. NBA YoungBoy’s net assets exceed 3 million U.S. dollars, and Jania Bania‘s net assets exceed 300,000 U.S. dollars.

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