Iris da Silva was born in 1984. She was born in Portugal. She is a professional makeup artist & actress.

Iris da Silva age (hometown, career)

Iris Da Silva was born in Portugal. She is a make-up artist & actress. She has been working many movies and TV show. She is famous for her husband Noel Clarke, who is a British actor. Iris da Silva age 37-year-old. She was completed in Portugal a secondary school. And he completed his conclusion of Portugal.

Who is NOEL CLARKE ? (Latest news)

Noel Clarke Famous British actor. The name of his wife is the Iris Da-Silva. She is a professional make-up artist and actress. It is worked in many films and TV show. According to social media reports, the Iris Da-Silva husband was exposed to the All3Media and Bafta.

Who is Iris da Silva?

Noel Clarke is married to the Iris da Silva, which is Portuguese, and the pair live in London together with her husband came her husband in the make-up department for 1999 TV show metrosexuality.

When did the couple marry?

Noel is very privately owned by his personal life, so it is not known if the couple is unknown to achieve

Do they have children?

The couple has three children, but they are very private to their children. The youngest son was born in October 2015, but Noel rarely shares photos of his family on social media.noel Sarah Ewing said that he has a “Newfound respect” for his mum when he became a father.

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How much is the Iris Da-Silva Net worth?

The net value of Iris Da-Silva is estimated by the net post site to $ 6 million. This is just a rough estimate, and the actual amount may vary from written. Similarly, her Celebrity husband Noel Clarke has plagued a net value of 3 million US dollars according to Celebrity Networth.

Iris Da-Silva Age and Wikipedia

Iris Da-Silva Clarke can be in a similar age range of 45 years, which is 45 years old Impofilmaker Clarke’s official wiki in a personal phase of life. What’s more, the name of IRIS also appears on the IMDb outlet. And it is found that you work together on the make-up department in movies and TV Dramas.

What nationality is Iris Da-Silva?

We have discovered some online sources that Iris Da-Silva belongs to Portuguese nationality. It means that they originally hail from Portugal, and life with their husband and three children in London, Great Britain, is white / European from ethnicity.

Iris da Silva Bio & Age

The exact date of birth of Iris Da Silva is not revealed by her. It is most likely in your 40s. It holds British nationality and belongs to mixed ethnicity. She is very close to her husband, her family and her children.

Physical appearance of iris Da silva

She has a slender figure. It is very popular among the youth. She looks like a doll. She is about 5 ‘3 inches tall and weighs about 58 kg. It has a slender build. She has brown eyes and blond hair. She has beautiful big eyes that look very appealing and long silky hair. She has a very attractive personality.

Iris da Silva Facts

  • Noel Clarke of Iris da Silva, Noel Clarke, won the 2009 Laurence Olivier Award, the 2009 BAFTA orange Star Award in 2009, the BAFTA outstanding British contribution to cinema award in 2021 received.
  • The latter was suspended on 29 April 2021, however, in the wake of allegations of verbal abuse, bullying and sexual misconduct by 26 different women.
  • Clarke studied media at the University of North London, and worked as a personal trainer before he introduced active classes in London actresses center.
  • It is also a popular animal lovers.
  • She also loves to travel.

Iris da silva husband

She is married to Noel Anthony Clarke, a British actor, screenwriter, director and comic book creators. It is known that he, Sam, adulthood (2008) and the Brotherhood has Mickey Smith in Doctor who (2005-2010) in the films Kidulthood (2006) played (2016), which he also wrote and addressed. He also plays Aaron Bishop in the television series fixed ball (2018), which he also wrote and produced.

Clarke was on December 6, 1975 in Notting Hill, West London, and he is the son of Trinidadian parents Gemma Clarke, a nurse and a part-time worker and washing alphäisch Baptiste Clarke, a carpenter. His parents divorced when he was born and he was raised buy his mother to the Council in the Ladbo Grove, where his mother still lives.

He studied Media at the University of North London, and worked as a personal trainer before he was traded in London actresses center. In 2003 won Clarke the Laurece Olivier Award for the most promising performer, the BAFTA orange Star Award in 2009 and received the BAFTA outstanding British contribution to cinema award in 2021, which was suspended on 29 April 2021 after hearings of sexual misconduct.

In 2015, founded the company Clarke unstoppable film and television with a friend and an actor, Jason Maza, and they have written in several productions, directed and provided with the lead role. The couple lives in London.

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