How to Stop Navigation Using Google Assistant. When driving, walking or cycling, you can use the Google Assistant with Google Maps to provide verbal instructions. After arriving, you are likely to end the verbal instructions. The following is a way to start and end voice navigation using Google Assistant.

What to know

  1. To stop receiving a map / verbal indication, please say any of the following: “Stop Navigation”, “Cancel Navigation” or “Stop navigation”.
  2. To make your verbal instruction but continue the map, please say “Silent Voice Guide”.

All About Google stop Navigation

A lot of new features are being added to Google apps these days but it is important to take a note of the new stop navigation app list. You may have noticed that there is an app called Google Now on the play store. This app offers quick links to search and discover the things you need right at the top of the result page. With this app, you will not anymore have to wait for the whole page to load before you can start searching for something. It is very helpful in cutting down the time you spend in browsing the web.

How to launch a voice command for Google Maps

Each Google Assistant Task is activated by a voice command, such as “send SMS” or “set 10 minutes timer”. This hands-free control is very useful when you drive, cook or busy with other tasks. When you use Google Maps, you can stop speech navigation features through the Google Assistant.

Stop navigation

Before issuing commands, you must wake up Google Assistant by saying “OK Google”. After the command is registered, the microphone icon in the upper right corner of the navigation screen will illuminate different colors. This means that the device is “listening” your command. How to make Google mute

Google Voice Navigation

we have Google Voice Navigation. This app offers verbal directions through the text-to-speech feature. If you are in a place where you need to get directions fast, this is one of the best choices you have. The visual elements of the app allow you to focus on the most crucial parts of your route without much difficulty.

Google Maps

There is Google Maps. This is definitely the best of the three options since you are given instant access to turn-by-turn voice guidance along with step-by-step images of your route in many different sizes. You can easily customize the size of the images and choose whether you want them country-wide or globally. This makes it easy to share your journey with friends and family who may be a long way away.

How Google Maps provides the stop navigation functionality

Let us take a look at how Google Maps provides the stop navigation functionality. As soon as you open up the app, a map of your destination will be displayed on the main menu. Along with it, you will get a notification bar which displays your location, traffic conditions, as well as a comprehensive overview of the area. The notification bar also allows you to customize several elements of the map. You can change the title of the street view, adjust the speed limit and more.

With this impressive feature, you do not even have to move from your current location to get the directions. It simply means that the stop navigation is integrated directly into your Google map application. You simply have to tap on it and then follow the simple instructions provided. Once you tap the search button, the map will automatically launch and provide you with the best possible routes for your travel. Now, that’s truly convenient!

Of course, if you prefer to use the turn-by-turn voice instructions provided by the Google Maps application, you do not need to touch anything else. All you have to do is to give the commands one at a time. For example, you can tell Google Maps to display a route to the nearest movie theater, then give a short description about your current location and the address of the location. In just a few seconds, you would have come up with the details you need. Just make sure you give people the exact directions so you won’t accidentally force them to go the wrong direction.

If you are running on a crowded train, then you should never take any detour using Google Maps app. If you want to, you can always tap on any destination to skip the train’s route and arrive at your destination on your preferred way. You can also use this useful feature in any other apps as well: whether you are an office worker, a traveler, a student or a home maker, you can always depend on the Google maps app to help you arrive at the most convenient time.

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Assistant but keep navigation

If you want a voice prompt to mute but continue to view a map description, please say “Silent Voice Tips”. This command mutes the voice components of the navigation function, but you will still receive the mapping guide on the screen.

To recover voice guidance, please say “Cancel Silent Voice Guide”.

How to stop navigation

If you want to stop receiving map descriptions and verbal instructions, please say any of the following phrases: “Stop Navigation”, “Cancel Navigation” or “Stop navigation”.

You will be brought back to the Google Map Address screen, but will exit the navigation mode.

How to stop navigation manually

If your car stops, you can safely watch the phone safely, you can end the navigation function by selecting the x-in-the-left corner of the screen. Please note that you will still use Google Maps.

You can also stop navigation by fully shutting down Google Maps app.


There are many more advanced features included in the Google Maps application. If you are using the default version, then you may not be aware of the various useful options available. If you install the Google Maps application, you can get the full version of Google Earth for free. With this amazing tool, you would be able to plan and organize travel based on real maps. Therefore, if you feel like taking the most beautiful road trips across the country, you should always check out the innovative Google stop navigation app.

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