In this article you will learn how to see who saved your Instagram post and how often it was saved.

Ask your followers if you have saved your Instagram posts

Only then can you see who saved your contributions.

  • Tap the post to which you want to question your followers.
  • Make a screenshot of the Instagram Post page with the integrated IOS or Android screenshot methods.
  • Tap the Home icon to return to your Instagram Main Feed.
  • Tap the Stories icon (which looks like a camera) in the upper left corner to start a new Instagram story.
  • Wipe up to search for the screenshot of your Instagram posts.
  • Tap the screenshot image to add it to your story.
  • Tap the text icon to add a message to your followers – in this case about “Who saved this post?”
  • Tap Done when you’re done.
  • Tap your stories to publish the story for your followers. You can answer by direct message.

See How Many Times Your Post Has Been Saved

If you have a personal account, you must first select the Settings> account, then select Switch to the Enterprise Account or switch to the creator account, switch it to a free business or creator account. Complete this process as prompted. Then:

  • Tap your personal information icon to view your post. It looks like a silhouette.
  • Click on the post you want to see.
  • Click View Solution below image or video. Various statistics will occur. The bookmark icon indicates that someone saves this post to its favorites.

Save your post in instagram may be more important than tracking your favorite quantity, because the post is saved to the Instagram Favorites, which means that someone does not only like your content, but also want to share or reference it.

However, if you don’t ask your attention, you can’t know how to save your instagram post or have a collection. This limitation may be privacy.

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How to See Who Saved Your Instagram Post

Have you ever wondered how to see who saved your Instagram post ? When they find some good photos and interesting pictures, they either send it directly to their friends circle or save it on their social media page. But, if you’re the only one who’s posting the images and posts, you naturally have an natural interest in knowing how to read the images.

So, how to view it then? There are many ways of viewing images on Instagram, depending on your account type and the way you’ve used it in the past. If you’ve used a private profile that’s not publicly accessible like i.e., your business account, then you probably only have one view point for the images you’ve posted. In contrast, if you’ve used a public profile such as your Facebook business account, then there are several places where you can have multiple views at the same time. These places might be your main page, a custom page for your business, and/or a video post on your business account. Hence, having a separate viewing pane for your images in all these different places would enable you to not only see what was saved on your instagram post but also give you insight into how many people visited that particular post and the likes and dislikes they gave it.


There are other ways too, other than a view pane, of how to read who saved my Instagram images. The latest version of the website now has a search function that lets you search for people’s likes and dislikes by using specific words or phrase(s). This is a great insight feature and one that I’d highly recommend. Although the search function doesn’t work well on everyone’s phone or tablet since it’s not universal, I’ve been seeing some good results from it when it does and it’s worth having in case someone wants to look for a specific picture and doesn’t have any good images of their likes and dislikes on their phone or tablet to start with.

Many people ask me how to read who saved my Instagram images because they don’t want to take the chance of having everything they post up on their social media sites. This is understandable and while there’s nothing you can do about getting everything saved to a photo or video, there is an easier way around it. You can get answers from Instagram by sending them a snapshot. A snapshot is simply an image that you’ve taken with your camera and sent to the Instagram platform via their API.

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How to find a screenshots For those of you who’re not familiar with how Instagram works, Instagram has two kinds of functionality when it comes to saving images. One kind is called “screenshots” and the other kind is known as “instant”. A ” screenshots” is the former and an “instant” is the latter. In essence, if you send someone a snapshot, it will be stored as an Instagram post on the creator’s account for many times over. If you need to know how to see who saved your Instagram posts, the “screenshots” option on the top menu should be turned on.

How to see how to read who saved your Instagram posts When you click the button “Share On Instagram” at the bottom of the screen, a window will open up for you. Click on the link “Settings” and your profile will pop up. From here you’ll be able to turn on “Reader mode” and the option will appear right away for your business account. From this point, you can look through all your saved posts one by one to see if there is any interesting info that you may have missed on the original public Instagram site. This is one of the coolest features that Facebook has implemented into their social media and at the same time, it’s very helpful to those of us who use Instagram regularly.

How to see how to read who saved your Instagram post If you’re looking to find out how to read who saved your Instagram posts, then you’re in luck. The new “insight” function works just like the ” beetle” function from the main Instagram site, only it’s a private account version. To use the insight feature, click on the name of the image that you want to look at in the main page. In the inset menu, click on the word “insight” and you’ll see a new drop down menu with two options: private and public. Click on the private option and you’ll have the ability to view the images without anyone else having access to them, while still seeing all the content in the public view.

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How to see who saved your Instagram post If you need to find out how to read who saved your Instagram posts, you’ve hit the jackpot! This is an incredibly popular function for Instagram users, because it gives you a quick glimpse into who was recently uploaded to the business account. In order to pull up the information, go to the post’s data link and scroll through the past uploads until you find the person who was added. You can then double click on them, and get the details that you were looking for. It’s a super easy way to find out who owns certain images!

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