Today people don’t question the fact that Youtube can be a full-blown career – everybody knows what Youtubing is, who Youtubers are and why they are needed and how exactly they make money. However, there are still many misunderstandings about the methods of promotion, and this is why we have decided to create this text. We will talk about several free tools that you definitely should include into the process of your channel’s development, and will also talk about the possibility to buy Youtube subscribers. We will begin with the free tools, as those are the easiest ones to apply and take no investments in them whatsoever.

  • Learn how to collect and how to apply keywords so that your video would be more visible to other users of Youtube and Google as well. As you might know, while people google something, the search engine might give them Youtube videos as results – and if your content has something helpful and interesting in it, you should make sure that people can see it in the results of their search. They might be looking it up through Youtube itself, so as through Google – and keywords will help to increase your content’s visibility in both cases. However, you should do it correctly. Don’t spam with tags, use just the amount that you need to clearly describe your content using keywords. 10 to 15 tags is more than enough, you can use even a little bit less than that. Start collecting them from the widest possible term to the narrowest and most specific one and don’t forget that you should include dates, names, locations and everything that people might think of while looking your content up.
  • Apply for free mutual PR from Youtubers who have nearly the same number of subscribers that you do. These people are very interested in collaborations like this, but most often they just don’t have the time or the courage to reach out. So find time and put effort into writing several Youtubers an offer to cooperate, and you will see how helpful this promotional option actually is – you can join your audience and have 1000 subs each, and not 100 subs each when you’re apart. Make sure that you choose bloggers from your or neighboring niche though, as you should be sure that the audience that is going to come to your channel will be sincerely interested in what you’re putting forward.
  • Don’t be shy to get inspiration from other Youtubers, but never copy them. Today blogging is valued because of its authenticity, and blindly copying the content of other people (who have a fan base) is the worst thing to do – it will never get you new followers, plus, the subs of the person whom you have copied can strike you with lots of complaints and your channel can even get banned because of those. However, you can totally get inspired because of other bloggers’ content and you can even write them an offer to collaborate, if you feel like you have something to add to whatever they have put forward. Always find new inspirations and reasons to be creative, and your channel will feel great no matter the situation and no matter the topic that your filming about.

But if you’re willing to get quicker results, it is wise to use paid services. For example, you can take on a chance to buy real Youtube subscribers and cover your needs in a constant and tangible increase of the audience. It might seem like something weird to do in 2022, but this is a very big myth that many people run into while searching for promotional tools. You see, any successful blogger (some of them still do that to stay calm while trying new things, for example) has used this tool and has seen its advantages, if it is done right. The only nuance that you should keep in your head is that you need exclusively real subs, you need to find a company that sells real subscribers (they cooperate with people who are keen on becoming somebody’s subs for a nice reward – discount code, coupon, etc) and provides a decent support while doing that. Usually, such companies have all the needed information about the process of the delivery on their website, and they also have a manager (who is a real person) waiting for clients there as well.

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If you have been able to meet all of those conditions while searching for a place where you can buy subs, everything is great and you can proceed. But if you’re doubting, it is better to continue your search. However, if you don’t have time for that, you can always use the links that we have given you in this text – they will save you time, money and nerve. Be thoughtful with what you’re doing for your accounts promotion and always do your research – positive feedback from previous clients, detailed information and safe paying methods should guarantee you quality service and great results afterwards. Good luck!

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