How to make a rubber band ball To make a rubber band ball, first fold a short, thick rubber band in half, then in half again, and then a third time until you have a flat rubber “stack”. Squeeze the thick stack flat, twist it, and wrap it with a thinner elastic band until the thin band is no longer loose. Cross 2 elastic bands over the core to hold everything in place, then start covering the elastic bands with the smaller of the bands. Wrap the elastic around the core until a smooth ball is formed. Be sure to place the rubber bands evenly. If you want to learn how to start your rubber band ball with the core, please continue reading this article!

There are many good reasons to have a rubber band ball. You can pop it off to fix all the rubber bands in one place, or squeeze them together to strengthen the hand muscles. If you enjoy doing your first it can even turn into a hobby.

How to make a rubber band ball | steps

Making a rubber band ball

Build a core.

You can start with any small object like marble or golf ball. However, a “real” rubber band ball does not contain any other materials. How to get started:

  • Choose a short, thick elastic band, such as B. a tape for securing vegetables.
  • Fold this elastic in half, then in half again, and then a third time if possible. Don’t twist it; You should end up with a flat “stack” of rubber.
  • Wrap a thinner elastic band around the thick band while pinching it flat.
  • Twist the slack of the thinner ribbon and wrap it the other way over the thick one.
  • Keep twisting and wrapping until the thin ribbon is no longer loose.

Wrap elastic bands around the core.

Start with two rubber bands crisscrossed across the core. Make sure they are tight. You may need to twist them several times and wrap them around the core.

  • Start with the smallest ribbons first, as these will not be useful until your ball is over a certain size.Add more elastic bands until the ball is smooth.

Keep wrapping elastic bands so that they form a ball. Place the elastic bands evenly so that no side of the ball is bigger than any other. A ball without an object in the core looks bumpy at first, but should be smooth by the time it reaches the size of a golf ball.

Test the ball.

how to make a rubber band ball

Throw it in the air or bounce it against the wall. Your new rubber band ball should have a lot of spring. Enjoy it as it is or add more rubber bands and watch it grow.

  • Make it the size of a tennis ball for the best jump.

Rubber Band Ball Challenges

Find all of your rubber bands for free.

Since rubber band balls are a tricky task anyway, why not do something more tricky? Try expanding your ball without paying for rubber bands. Here are a few places to find them:

  • Ask friends and neighbors for spare parts.
  • Ask postal workers, newspaper deliverers, and other domestic workers.
  • Check out shoe stores that may use elastic bands to keep shoe boxes closed.

Make a ball without twisting rubber bands.

If you don’t twist the elastic bands, they’ll lie flat against each other with no room for air. This makes the tightest, bouncy ball. The trick is to find just the right size of each new elastic band so that once you put it around the ball there is no slack.

Do it massive.

Balls with rubber bands are very tight, so after a certain point they become too heavy to jump without breaking anything. After that, the challenge is to make it as big as possible. You can even beat the world record if you find 700,000 rubber bands.

  • Once the ball is about the size of a basketball, wear protective glasses. After this point, a lot of rubber bands will tear and you don’t want them to hit your eyes.
  • Rubber bands break down over time. To keep it from shrinking or falling apart, your project needs regular reinforcement.

Cut your old ball in half.

How do you make a rubber band ball | Easy Steps

Once you have a basketball-sized basketball rubber band ball, it will likely sit in the corner of your room and get grayer and frayed. Do you want one last moment of fun? Saw it in half and watch the insides pop up by themselves, like a bizarre colony of worms. If that description doesn’t keep you from the hobby forever, get out there and start creating.

You can watch video of how to make a rubber band ball on Youtube

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Questions and answers:

How many rubber bands are needed to make a medium-sized ball?

I got around 2kg of rubber bands for $ 2.20, and the ball is the size of my palm.

What if it’s a bug and doesn’t ricochet?

You can probably add more rubber bands or take them all out and see if any is twisted.

How much time does it take to make a rubber band ball?

The time depends on how big you want the ball to be and whether or not you want to keep making it bigger over time. It can take a long time or as little as 15 minutes. The choice is yours – the bigger the ball, the longer the time it takes.

What kind of rubber bands can I use to make the most bouncy ball? How big can i make it?

You can use loom belts to make it more resilient, and you can make it as big or small as you like.

What if I don’t have a ball?

Roll up some paper and wrap the rubber bands, this works just as well.

How to make a rubber band ball with no core?

You will need something as a core to wrap the rubber bands around. You can tie or tie several elastic bands together to act as one and then start wrapping elastic bands around them.

Does your ball get bigger if you use a bigger core?

Yes, but you will need more rubber bands to cover it up.

Can I use small rubber bands?

You can probably use small rubber bands on a small ball, but if the ball is large the rubber bands will snap.

Does the core have to be a only small ball?

No, you can use any size you like.

Are there other ways to make a rubber band ball if I don’t have all of the items I need?

If you don’t have elastic bands, you can replace them with hair ties, but this may be a little more expensive.

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  • If you’re having trouble making a rubber band core, start with a few short rubber bands instead. Cotton them into a ball and pinch them while you wrap thinner elastic bands around them. Some people find this easier, but the core gets lumpier and can crack apart before a firm layer is wrapped around it.
  • If the ball gets too big to hold your elastic bands in place, cut two bands in half, tie the ends together, and tie them around the ball.
  • Multi-colored rubber bands make the rubber ball more exciting and varied, but the colors will fade over time.
  • For a nice gift idea, use paper with a secret message as the core. Or to play a mean prank, make the ball disgustingly big and tell your friend that their crush put a note in the middle.
  • Make different layers of paint in the ball.
  • You can use different colors of elastic bands, they can be whatever you want them to be.


Rubber naturally melts (vulcanizes) over time. Heat and UV light can accelerate this. Keep the ball away from warm places and sunlight.

Things you will need

Elastic bands

A piece of foil or a small ball (you choice)



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