Are you independent, create quality content, and would like to develop your turnover? Affiliate marketing is for you!

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing involves earning a commission by promoting another company’s product or service. If you’re a copywriter or influencer, you can promote a product you love to your audience and earn a percentage for every sale made through one of your links.

We can make the parallel with a salesman earning a commission, with the difference that you are not employed by a company. Rather, it is a reward for referring a new customer to the business. So, every time you help a business generate sales, you receive a commission!

Who Is Affiliate Marketing For?

Affiliate marketing is a particularly interesting strategy if you are a web entrepreneur, a writer/blogger or anyone else who has a website with regular visitors. Affiliation will then allow you to make this site and the time spent on it profitable, but also to serve your audience by offering them interesting products or services.

The people who visit your site are probably already buying products that their relatives recommend to them, the interest of affiliation is that you become the resource who recommends these products.

What Knowledge To Make Affiliation?

Affiliate marketing uses knowledge and skills from different marketing methods used to promote items and services on the internet. You will thus use natural referencing (SEO), paid referencing (SEA), the combination of these two strategies (SEM) but also referencing on social networks (SMO).

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Set Up An Affiliate Strategy

Affiliate Marketing

Write an epic article

The epic article is a very comprehensive text about the product or service that you love and want to sell. This is not just a product review but a comprehensive guide, best practices, tips and tricks, FAQs, and more. You can also show how you use this product to add a personal touch to the item.

If the article is of quality and your readers adhere to your vision and your use of the product, there is a good chance that it will be shared and end up ranking well on Google.

Make presentation videos

Product presentation videos are extremely popular and above all can be declined in different formats: unboxing, getting started, completing the test, a new test 6 months later, feedback following a product change, etc. You can even host an FAQ by asking your community members to send you their questions, select a few, and answer them in the video.

Above all, making videos on YouTube allows you to position yourself on the second largest search engine in the world and get a lot of traffic through your affiliate link on YouTube. The videos themselves can also be classified in Google.

Also, by shooting multiple videos about a particular product, you create more SEO opportunities as a result.

Organize a webinar

To promote your affiliate product or service, you can also organize a webinar to present it live to your audience and make this moment a real marketing event.

Consider recording your webinar so you can embed it on your website as a replay for those who didn’t watch it live or for those who want to watch it again to jot down some information. You can also extract some moments and broadcast them on your social networks.

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