Error Code 0xc0000185 appears when you least expect it. This error message comes up whenever you are performing a scan with an antivirus program or any other type of computer diagnostic software program for that matter and come up with such a message. Why does your computer keep on giving this kind of warning message?

What is the causes of error code 0xc0000185 ?

You will discover that this error code comes from something as simple as a corrupted file. Data is lost somewhere on your hard drive, and this is what causes the data loss. If you don’t know how to do a simple disk cleanup, then you are going to need a tutorial. File restoration is the name of the process, and this tutorial will teach you how to perform this task. You will need to locate the cause of the problem, and then fix it, or at least have it repaired if the damage is severe enough.

First step of solving error 0xc0000185

The first thing you should do is go into the system restore option on your desktop. Click on the “restore” button and follow the on screen prompts for the procedure.

Second step of solving error 0xc0000185

This is the second method to fix this error. In the previous method, you had to boot your computer into the safe mode so that you could perform a system restore. If you were able to boot into safe mode, you would simply need to perform the same steps again.

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Third step of First step of solving error 0xc0000185


The third method for fixing this error is to run system restore using the bootrec commands using command prompt. If you don’t know how to boot into windows 10 installation media, you can find tutorials on the internet. However, if you are comfortable with these simple steps, then you can just open up the start menu by clicking Start, typing run, then select All Programs, Accessories, Maintenance, then System Tools. You can choose the bootrec commands using command prompt and then follow them to a quick recovery.

Cause of error 0xc0000185

One of the reasons why this error message pops up is because of missing or incorrect configuration data. A configuration data file is required by windows to aid it in running all software, programs, devices and features properly. When this data file gets corrupted, it causes an error to occur. The good news is that this error can be fixed. To fix this problem, you need to download a free registry cleaner software program and then save this onto your desktop. Once you have saved this onto your desktop, you can then proceed to fix this error.

How to fix “ audio renderer error ”, please restart your computer?

Reboot PC

The first thing you should do is reboot your pc. It is advisable to always reboot your computer after a fresh installation to ensure that there are no errors. Once you have rebooted, you should look to see if there is an error message stating that you cannot proceed with the installation or if there is an actual error occurring. If you see the error code 7 (PEB) during the reboot process then it means that your system files are already damaged. The operating system will then not be able to proceed with the installation or repair and will just restart.

If you have not recently installed any applications on your computer, you should run system restore. This will allow you to roll back your recent changes. If you have recently installed some applications but they are not properly installed on your system, you should attempt to rollback this software as well.

Unfortunately, if your system did not receive a recent installation of software, then it will not be able to roll back these changes and will have an inability to recover your recent files. If this is the case, you should look to purchase a windows XP support plan so that you can rollback your recent changes to your hard drive. If you are unable to do this yourself then you should contact a professional computer repair company. They will be able to assist you in working with the system and in recovering your system files.

Visual Tutorial of How to Fix Error Code 0xc0000185

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