You are facing Youtube ” audio renderer error “, please restart your computer, then learn more about how to fix “audio rendering error”.Various Windows users log the audio rendering error. 

Whenever they try to play Youtube video, please restart your machine. This issue is not exclusive to any particular version of Windows and is said to be associated with many web browsers such as Chrome, Opera, Edge, and Mozilla Firefox. Other affected users claim that they still encounter the problem while listening to iTunes or when using the built-in audio player.

Youtube “Audio Rendering Error”, restart your computer. Preview

What Is Audio Renderer Error?

The audio renderer error can be caused by a problematic audio driver on your PC. In this case, you need to uninstall the audio driver.

Removing the audio driver will also force Windows to reinstall the audio driver, which will fix some driver issues on your PC. So, if you are faced with the error Audio renderer.

Causes Of Audio Rendering Error:

After going through the many messages from affected users, we have compiled the reasons behind this error message on Windows 10 computer:

  1. BIOS Bug: This error occurs most of the time due to a variant of the BIOS bug. It may help resolve the issue by updating the BIOS version.
  2. Another explanation for the “audio rendering error” could be an outdated audio driver. The error message is. Please restart your computer. In this case, updating the driver will easily remove this error.
  3. Audio driver problem: If the audio driver is faulty, you may also see the error message. In this case, unplug and re-plug your audio device and also try to disable and enable all audio adapters.
  4. Conflict between ASIO driver and Windows audio driver.

How To Fix Youtube “Audio Rendering error”, Please Restart Your Computer Error?

audio renderer error

the audio rendering error, If you try to play a video on YouTube, please restart your machine error. The video player displays the error message. It is strange that the error occurs no matter which version you are using in Windows 10, 8.1 or Windows 7 so that you may get this error. The browser type doesn’t matter either, so this error will occur whether you’re using Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Opera.

Method 1: Unplug The Headphones

Some affected users confirmed that the issue was fixed once the headphones were unplugged and plugged back in as stupid as it sounds. This move has been confirmed to work with both jack and USB headphones (dongle or physically capable).

So if you have any problem while trying to play a video on Youtube, just unplug your cable if you have a few. If this approach does not apply, or if you are looking for a more sustainable alternative, proceed to the next method below.

Method 2: Run The Audio Troubleshooter

 How to fix “ audio renderer error ”, please restart your computer?


It might help you to resolve the audio rendering error. Another possible remedy. The error is running a built-in audio troubleshooter.

This comprehensive tool provides a variety of repair methods that deal with a number of common audio issues. If this is due to a normal problem, Microsoft will fix the problem entirely by running the audio corrector.

To run the audio problem solver, follow the steps below:

  • To open the Run dialog box, press Windows + R. Type “ms-settings”, enter the Settings tab. To open the Troubleshooting tab of the Settings app.
  • Scroll down to Get Up and Run and tap Play Audio on the Troubleshoot tab. To open the utility, click Run the troubleshooter.
  • Wait for the initial exam to finish. Then choose the system where the audio rendering error occurs. Error and tap Next. Please restart your machine.
  • Wait before your audio system can be analyzed for problems. If a problem is detected, a repair plan is recommended. Follow the on-screen instructions (click “Yes, Application Fix” or “Yes, Open * menu”) and follow the instructions.
  • Restart your computer to see if the error occurs when the next restart is complete.

If the audio rendering error remains. Error, abort the next method. Please restart your machine. Fault.

How to fix error 0x0 0x0 ?

Method 3: Turn On / Off The Audio Device

Disabling and enabling your computer’s default audio player is a more effective workaround that might fix Windows 10 Audio Renderer error.

  • To start the System Manager, right click on the Start button.
  • The audio inputs and outputs are extensive.
  • • Right-click and select Disabled device on the default audio device.

Method 4: Close The Audio Mixer Program

Audio mixing programs like Mixcraft will specifically control audio drivers and prevent your browser from using them. If you have similar software running in the background, it may be helpful to quit before viewing YouTube.

You can also stop taking care of your audio equipment in these applications. For example, go to File> Preferences> Audio Device and exit the switch next to Exclusive Mode in Microsoft.

Method 5: Update The BIOS

Some users of DELL devices claim that when the BIOS firmware was changed, the issue was resolved. This approach can be applied to other manufacturers, but this fix can only be verified on Dell computers.

Method 6: Uninstall Autopilot:

The problem may be caused by an audio rendering error on your PC. In this scenario, the audio driver must be uninstalled. Disabling the audio driver also reinstalls your Windows audio driver, which fixes some driver issues on your PC.

So if the audio rendering error is found. You can try to uninstall the audio driver, but please restart your computer. You should follow the steps below if you don’t know how to uninstall it.

  • To create a Run conversation, press Windows Journal key + R on the keyboard. Enter to open system manager and type devmgmt. msc in the box.
  • Expand your audio adapter with audio, video and game controllers and double click.
  • Activate the Driver tab in the pop-up window and click Uninstall System. Follow the instructions to complete the process.
  • Then restart your system. The audio driver is automatically reinstalled after restarting.

You can then check if the YouTube audio rendering error is resolved after restarting.

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Method 7: Turn Off Hardware Acceleration

Speeding up things through your browser is done with hardware. However, it is understood that the feature randomly causes problems with YouTube. Disable hardware acceleration to check if the error in Windows 10 fixes the audio rendering.

  1. Choose Settings and open the Chrome menu.
  2. Advanced machine expansion and selection.

Turn off the switch when available when using hardware acceleration

Thats it.

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