So how to cut dragon fruit .The dragon fruit or pitaya is the fruit of different species of hemiepiphytic cacti. It does not require a lot of water and can therefore thrive in arid regions. It is mainly cultivated in Mexico and Colombia. You don’t need to wash it. You just have to remove the skin and then eat it. The skin comes off very easily. Its taste is similar to kiwi but less sweet and crunches under the tooth when eaten. You can eat it raw, make a fruit salad or a smoothie.

There Are Three Ways/Methods Of How To Cut The Dragon Fruit

  • Slice a Dragon Fruit in half
  • Divide the fruit into four
  • Controlling the ripeness of dragon fruit

Method 1: Slice A Dragon Fruit In Half

1: Cut the fruit in half.

how to cut dragon fruit

Place the fruit on a cutting board. Then, using a sharp knife, cut the fruit along its entire length. It is not necessary to remove the skin from the fruit beforehand. By cutting the fruit and its stem, you will be able to see the inside of the dragon fruit in the two halves and find the white part of the fruit that is edible.

2: Collect the white part.

Slice A Dragon Fruit In Half

Take a spoon, then insert it between the bright pink part and the white part of the fruit. Lift the spoon to loosen the white part of the rest of the fruit. Note that this white part should easily come off the skin .

  • Know that there is another kind of pitaya whose interior is not white, but red. It is also edible. On the other hand, this fruit is rarer

3: Make small cubes.

How to cut dragon fruit | 3 Easy steps you should know

Place the two halves of the fruit without skin on the cutting board. Be aware that the black seeds you can see are edible. So you don’t have to try to remove them. Cut the white part into small cubes. The size of the parts is not important. They just need to be an acceptable size to be eaten. Then taste them  .

  • You have the opportunity to enjoy them raw. You can also use them to make a fruit salad or a smoothie .

Method 2: Divide The Dragon Fruit Into Four

1: Remove the skin from the fruit.

how to cut dragon fruit

Locate the upper part of the fruit, namely where the stem is which is straight. The skin will come off easily around it. To peel the fruit, simply pass the knife behind the growths from the top of the fruit and down. In the end, you will only have the white part left .

  • It is possible to cut the fruit first, then peel it. Whichever way you choose, it will work and you will achieve the same result.

2: Cut the fruit into four pieces.

Divide The Dragon Fruit Into Four

Place the fruit on the cutting board. Then, have your knife, then cut in the middle in the direction of the width. Turn the two halves so that they are in contact with the board on their flat side. Finally, slice the 2 pieces from top to bottom to get 2 new pieces. You now have 4 pieces of pitaya .

3: Cut the pieces.

Divide The Dragon Fruit Into Four

Take a piece and cut it again with a knife. Make small cubes, but it is not necessary to make identical pieces. You just need to cut presentable pieces so that they can be eaten with a fork or placed in a blender. you can get blender From amazon if you want.

Method 3: Controlling The Ripeness Of Dragon Fruit

1: Observe the skin of the fruit.

How to cut dragon fruit | 3 Easy steps you should know

Look at the skin of the fruit and if it is a bright pink color, it means the fruit is ripe. You will see green growths at the end, this is normal. Usually the skin does not have too many black spots. Be aware that a fruit with some spots is edible, do not take those that are covered  .

  • If you doubt that a fruit with black spots is still good, take it in your hand to assess its condition. If you don’t feel the fruit oozing, the fruit is still edible.
  • Be aware that there are a variety of pitayas whose skin is not bright pink, but yellow.
  • Be careful, a fruit that has green skin is a fruit that is not ripe. Don’t go cut it up.

2: Evaluate the maturity of the fruit .

How to cut dragon fruit | 3 Easy steps you should know

Take the stem of the fruit, if it bends without breaking, the fruit is ripe. Just as if you feel a pitaya and find that it is spongy like a kiwi fruit, then it is ready to be eaten. Note that a fruit that has a rather fleshy consistency instead of spongy will not be pleasant to eat .

  • Remember that a pitaya that will feel hard to the touch is not yet ripe.

3: Wait for the fruit to ripen.

how to cut dragon fruit

If you have hard green dragon fruit when you feel it, don’t throw it away! They are good. You just have to leave them on your kitchen table so that they can ripen. Remember to test the fruit every day, until it is no longer hard and spongy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to cut papaya and eat a papaya

What Are The Benefits Of Dragon Fruit?

Rich in vitamin C, iron and trace elements Very low in calories (about 60 per 100 grams), dragon fruit is very rich in vitamin C – the content of which corresponds to 10% of our daily needs – and in vitamin B with a support dose of antioxidants that promote cell regeneration in our body.

What Is The Best Dragon Fruit?

The yellow-fleshed pitaya: There are two types with this very tasty and fragrant meat color. They are cultivated in the West Indies and Central America. -The red-fleshed pitaya (or dragon fruit): it is in great demand all over the world because it is the most delicious and tasty.

How Is Dragon Fruit Eaten?

Despite its somewhat intimidating appearance, pitaya is easy to prepare. All you have to do is cut the fruit into quarters or slices, peel it and use the pulp. If you are hungry and want an even faster solution, cut it in half and eat the smooth pulp straight with a teaspoon.

Why Are We Called Dragon Fruit?

The Vietnamese named their fruit thanh long, which means “dragon fruit” because their plant climbs by curling up on tree trunks and remembering the shape of a dragon, a mythological monster ubiquitous in Asian culture.

What Is The Real Name Of Dragon Fruit?

The pitaya is the fruit of the disarmed cactus, a plant native to tropical America. It ripens in tropical latitudes and in arid climates Large white flowers bloom in the cactus at night. Warmed by the tropical sun, they give off a sweet scent of vanilla.

What Does Dragon Fruit Taste Like? What Does Pitaya Taste Like?

The flesh of dragon fruit is white and fleshy, full of small black seeds reminiscent of kiwi, and the taste is fresh and tender.

Who Discovered Dragon Fruit?

This fruit of a type of cactus, Hylocereus, originally cultivated in Central America, was brought to Vietnam by French settlers in the early 19th century.

How To Freeze Dragon Fruit?

Freeze the whole dragon fruit at room temperature. If it is ripe but you are not ready to enjoy it, store it in an airtight plastic bag for up to 1 week in the refrigerator. This technique prevents it from smelling in other foods.

If it is immature, you can put it in a paper bag along with apples or bananas. The ethylene gas released by these fruits accelerates ripening. For cuts, store in an airtight container for about 2 to 5 days, but discard when the meat turns brown or mushy.

Where To Buy Dragon Fruit?

Dragon fruit is found on the stalls of some supermarkets and especially in Asian stores: This fruit is quite expensive because it is fragile and lasts a short time (it is better to eat it the day after its purchase).

Ways To Use Dragon Fruit

  • Add frozen red pitaya/dragon fruit to the smoothie
  • Add slices or cubes to the acai bowl
  • Use melon balls to make spheres and add them to fruit salads
  • Cut into thick slices or large cubes on the kebab
  • Add small pieces to oatmeal, overnight oats or yogurt
  • Pour in mango or pineapple salad
  • You don’t need to wash the skin, because it cannot be eaten.
  • Be aware that the black seeds found in the white part of the fruit are edible. So you won’t need to remove them.
  • Due to its color, the skin is frequently used as a plate. So, if you plan to eat it raw, place the cut pieces of the white part on the skin of the fruit.


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