Bed bugs are probably one of the most dangerous pests known. They feed on human blood and are particularly fond of biting the face, eyelids, arms, and back. Yes, these creatures are little vampires. In addition, bed bug bites can cause allergies, anemia, infections, and respiratory problems, among other unpleasant things. Thankfully, there are a few simple methods for controlling bed bugs, which are not so time-consuming. By following them, you will protect yourself and your home from all the nuisances accompanied by a bed bug infestation.

Declutter your home

A simple house chore like decluttering can help you prevent any unwanted infestations. By keeping your home clean and clutter-free, you will make it much harder for bed bugs to hide and breed. Due to the fact that they love to live in messy and hard-to-reach places, removing all the clutter will help you spot the signs of possible infestation. Moreover, decluttering will help you against other pests by making it easier to spot and eliminate them.

Of course, we should not forget about all the other benefits that it provides. Not only will regular decluttering help you maintain a tidy home, but it reduces stress levels, improves the quality of sleep, and increases your productivity. All these make it well worth the effort.

Clean regularly

ed Bugs

It should be noted that although there are situations when bed bugs attack clean homes, they prefer places that have not been clean for a long time. This is because they feel more at home there, and they are less likely to be exposed to detergents that could harm or kill them. Regular cleaning is the key to preventing bed bugs from spreading all around your home. In addition, a clean home is less inviting to pests, and it’s easier to spot signs of an infestation.

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By cleaning regularly, you will help yourself keep on top of housework and spot any new cracks or damage that could be potential entry points for pests. It is quite a tiring chore, but the results are worth the effort.

You can effectively clean your home by using products containing pyrethrins. This is a natural insecticide derived from chrysanthemums. Another option is products containing residual insecticides such as bifenthrin or deltamethrin. These can not only kill bed bugs but will also provide long-lasting protection. Of course, you should not forget about white vinegar, which is also an excellent solution for disinfecting and removing foul smells and hard stains.

Vacuum and seal the cracks

Bed bugs often enter our homes through small cracks and holes in the windows and walls. Vacuuming these cracks thoroughly and sealing them can limit their access to your home. Note that a vacuum cleaner is more effective than a broom in such cases, and when you have to clean your entire house. By vacuuming the crevices, you will remove any live bed bugs, and shed skin and eggs they have laid. That way you are reducing the chances of the infestation spreading through your home. In addition, sealing the remaining cracks will help prevent bed bugs from hiding and breeding in your home.

To ensure you vacuum effectively, you will need a strong vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. Be sure to clean all areas where bed bugs may be present. Those areas include, and are not only limited to, mattresses, box springs, furniture, floors, and baseboards. Once you are finished, dispose of the bag immediately so the bedbugs won’t escape back to your home.

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Now that everything is vacuumed, it’s time for sealing. Sealing cracks is an important part of preventing bed bugs, so look for any cracks or crevices in your home. You can fill them with silicone or latex caulk, or another sealant. This will help to prevent bed bugs from hiding and breeding in these areas. Additionally, repairing any holes in screens or walls with steel wool or expanding foam can help you with bed bug-proofing your home as well.

Do some laundry

It is a good idea to wash and dry your sheets and bed covers at least twice a week. This is not only a matter of good hygiene but also a way of killing the human smell in the bed. Keep in mind that bed bugs are attracted to human odor, so if you can erase them from your bedding, you can reduce the number of bed bugs.

Washing your bedding and clothes with hot water is an effective way to kill them and their eggs. High temperatures are very effective when you are fighting a bed bug infestation. Moreover, detergents will help to disinfect the fabrics. Hot water will also help you remove any bed bug stains or debris that might be present. Spot cleaning with a vinegar solution or soapy water is another effective way for getting rid of these pests. However, remember that if you have a lot of items to wash, you might need to wash them in batches. That way you will ensure that all items are exposed to the hot water and are treated effectively.

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Inspect your property regularly

Despite the fact regular cleaning and washing can help you pest-proof your home, it’s still essential to conduct regular checks. As said earlier, bed bugs tend to attack even clean houses and apartments from time to time. The places that need to be thoroughly checked are the corners of your home and the mattresses. By regularly checking for signs of pests, you can catch an infestation early and take steps to eliminate them before any serious damage occurs. Consulting with bed bug control professionals can be very helpful in identifying potential problems and developing a plan to prevent or eliminate pests.

The bottom line

Bed bugs are dangerous to our health mainly because they can transmit diseases through their bites or cause allergic reactions in some people. They are very stubborn and hard to kill, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t control whether they attack your home or not. You need to be persistent. By maintaining a clean and tidy home you can not only bedbug-proof it, but you will also pest-proof against other creatures. Do not forget to vacuum regularly, wash your clothes right away from a long trip and declutter. Sometimes simple is magic.

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