How to Change instagram icon on Android and iOS . The instructions are the same for Android and iOS, but the icons look a bit different. Here’s how to change the Instagram app icon.

  • Open the Instagram application.
  • Tap the personal data icon in the lower right corner.
  • Click the three-line menu icon in the upper right corner.
  • Select settings.
  • Pull from the top of the screen (essentially scrolling).
  • Continue to pull down until you see a bunch of emoticons. (I may need to try a few times.)
  • After success, you will enter a page containing all available old icons (visible everywhere).
  • Select an icon.
  • Tap Add.
  • Icon looks different on Android and iOS. Android users can get instagram shortcuts, so there is a small square on it on the current icon. On iOS, you will see a different icon and have no overwritten.
  • If you want to try another icon, repeat the above steps.

How to Change Instagram Icon Settings

How to change Instagram icon. Launch Instagram for iOS and open your profile. Go to the main page.

Tap the menu (three horizontal bars at the right edge of the screen). Select the Settings option. Tap the icon of your choice. Tap the save button.

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How to change Instagram icon in landscape orientation

How to change Instagram icon in landscape orientation. If you’re using Instagram for iPhone, tap the ‘App’ link on the main page. Select the ‘Create’ button. If you’re using an iPad, tap the ‘Page’ link. Select the’Gallery ‘link’ option from the main menu.

How to change Instagram icon in portrait mode

How to change Instagram icon in portrait mode. If you are using Instagram for iPhone, tap the ‘Settings’ link on your main page. Tap ‘Build Accessory.’ Tap the link for the ‘Install Instagram’ button. Once you tap this option, you’ll see a picture of a square.

If you’re using the official Facebook application, tap the ‘Settings’ link. Look for the section entitled ‘Social Media.’ You’ll see an option for adding a URL. Type the URL into the input box and then click on ‘Save Changes.’

How to change Instagram icon in landscape mode

How to change Instagram icon in landscape mode. In order to change the Instagram icon, tap the ‘Settings’ link that is located beneath the ‘Social Media‘ section. Tap the link for the ‘Change Icon’ option. A new window will open up. Here you’ll see an image of a square. Click on the square and you’ll see a message asking you to select an image.

Click on the image. You’ll see that a choice of four photos will be displayed. Each of these four images will display a different color. Drag each photo into the appropriate location. The square should now appear as a solid color.

Tap the back arrow on your keyboard. This will bring up a review of the current status. Scroll through this section to see the different icons that are currently available. The heart symbol is currently the most popular. The second most popular icon is the star which can be used to post a private message or a status update.

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The next step is how to change the Instagram icon. Tap the + sign on your keyboard. A new tab will open up. Look at the top of the page to view the various options that are available. Click on the ‘Icons’ option.

Now look at the image that you have chosen and tap the edit button. A new tab will appear. Use the shape tool to create a new square. Make sure that the square that you have selected is the same size and shape as the rest of the icons on the screen. Tap the shape drop down menu to select ‘dropdown list’. Use the style drop down menu to select either none, regular or custom.

Finally, click the save button. You will now see the icon in your social media profile. If it is not the one that you have chosen then it will prompt you to select another icon.

Conclusion of how to change instagram icon

These are some simple steps that anyone can follow. It’s easy to get confused though if you aren’t sure about how to change Instagram icon settings. A good way to learn more is by visiting a website that offers information about how to change the different icons on your page.


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