How Old Was Jesus When He Died ? Did Jesus die for every single Christian in the world? The bible does not say. There are many writings by liars that say that Jesus died for everyone on earth. If you are going to use the bible and believe in it, then you must be able to answer this question.

How Old Was Jesus When He Died ? Short Detail

The first person that I looked at was Dr. Richard B. Butler who is an emeritus professor of religious studies at Wheaton College in Maryland. He stated “The very first article of faith in Christianity, after being born of a virgin, is ‘God is God.’ We do not say, ‘God was Jesus.’ This is contrary to every traditional understanding of salvation.” I think we have a problem here talking about how old Jesus was when he was born.

Jesus was born in the holy spirit and on the birthday of Passover. That means that he was actually born while he was on the cross. Some scholars have said that he was crucified between two stones, which is probably where the tradition of the Virgin birth came from. The book of Acts does not mention where Christ was crucified nor does it mention the year. Therefore we cannot say that he was born in July or in April, either. So how old was Jesus when he was crucified and how old was he when he was born?

The next scholar that I looked at was Dr. Richard Bradshaw, he is a professor of history and scripture at Wheaton College in Maryland. He also happens to be a convert to the Roman Catholic Church and he says “we are not told how old Jesus was when he was born, or when he was crucified, or when he died.” This is confusing to say the least.

There is an interesting tale in the book of Acts that provides insight into how long before Jesus was born the daughter of Zebedee was told by an angel that her father was also crucified and she would be married to him immediately. The daughters family was very worried about this and they demanded that their father’s body be given to them after his crucifixion. As a result, Jesus was born shortly before Zebedee’s death. Also consider that during the time of his life, Joseph was a young man and could have been referring to Jesus when he wrote in the book of Acts that Joseph was only 25 years old when he was called to the cross. This would make sense if Joseph was telling the truth.

The next area is the Gospels where different items are placed around the year. The problem with these gospel accounts is that some are very similar and some have very different details. For example, the Gospels tell us that Jesus was crucified and dead for three days and that his body was put into a casket which was carted away. However, Mark shows us that Mary and the children remained at home and that Mary had a conversation with the Lord which lasted all evening.

The next item we have to look at for finding out how old Jesus was when he was born is the account of the Circumcision. The account in the gospels does not tell us how old Jesus was but they do mention that he was circumcised on the day of his birth. The story in the book of Acts does not tell us how long Jesus was in the boat or where he was born, nor does it tell us what happened to the other infants who were born to Joseph and Mary. The only thing we do know is that they were sold to a slave and shipped across the sea to Egypt.

The next item we have to look at for learning how old Jesus was when he was crucified is the account in the gospel of John. John the Baptist records that Jesus changed into a woman for seven years and was given the olive tree as His body was being crucified. Many scholars feel that John was not telling the truth because he was either scared or perhaps tired from his previous ministry and had become corrupt. In any event, this information lends some credence to the belief that Jesus was not the son of God that is traditionally taught by Christianity but rather was a common man who became a God like figure after his death. Hope you get the answer of How Old Was Jesus When He Died.

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