Freedom furniture is a major Australian and New Zealand retail chain that provides home furnishings and accessories. With over 58 locations, Freedom has become a major force in the homewares industry. Read on to learn more about this company’s history and digital transformation. And don’t forget to take a look at their latest promotions and special offers. We’ve gathered some of our favorite products from their catalogs to help you choose the best piece for your home.

Freedom Furniture 40th anniversary

As the first Australian brand to focus on home furnishing, Freedom has made a name for itself in the local retail industry. Since its first store in Melbourne opened in 1981, the company has grown from humble beginnings selling pine and beanbags to a brand with a distinctive Australian look. It has even won marketing awards for its ‘Banana Chair’ commercials. In 1987, Freedom established its first design team in-house and formed the first visual merchandising department in Australia. In keeping with the company’s philosophy, Freedom has designed the ‘casual living’ theme.

This rebranding will extend to new product lines and a focus on innovation, design, and curation. New kid’s range, Ronnie & Georgia’s bedroom, will allow kids to explore their imaginations while giving parents plenty of space to keep everything organized. The company is also introducing an extensive range of storage options. The Freedom Project 4 features a walnut cabinet with 34 separate units and is a popular room with a wide appeal.

Its main industries

One of the main industries of Freedom Furniture is the distribution of consumer goods. The company produces furniture such as sofas, armchairs, tables, mattresses, beds, and window coverings, as well as household items such as pillows and tableware. The company began selling consumer goods in the early 1980s, starting out as a single store selling pine and outdoor furniture. Today, Freedom boasts multiple branches across the country and a worldwide following.

Employment and unemployment data are available for Freedom Furniture and Electronics on Zippia. Data are based on self-reported employment and on public and proprietary sources. In the table below, you can see the percentage of employees who work in the furniture and related products industry. These numbers have been compiled from various sources, including BLS, company filings, and H1B immigration data. To view more detailed information on the furniture and electronics industry, visit Zippia.

Digital transformation is one of the main objectives of the company. With the help of technology, Freedom Furniture can streamline its supply chain in local markets. For example, the Boomi platform helps Freedom identify local suppliers with distinctive Aussie design flair, improve employee engagement, and increase employee productivity. Besides transforming the company’s operations, the software is also improving customer experience. In addition to the use of new technology, Freedom Furniture is also introducing new services and capabilities that are helping the company remain competitive in a changing market.

Its digital transformation

The company’s digital transformation began last year when it was in crisis. Customers were not receiving their goods, and a systems upgrade had gone horribly wrong. It brought in digital veteran Paula Mitchell to fix the situation, handing her CEO a “99-point” checklist of things to improve. Today, as home improvement projects grow, furniture sales are up, and many homeware brands are reporting double-digit growth. The company’s digital transformation is already paying off.

To improve customer experience, the furniture retailer has chosen to use an integration platform as a service (IPAS) from Boomi. Boomi allows brands to create a single view of all data, supporting product evolution and providing personalized customer experiences. Freedom Furniture has 58 stores across Australia and New Zealand, and the company has taken on a “design-led turnaround” strategy to address its challenges and reinvigorate its business.

Freedom uses Boomi to replace its legacy on-premises IT system with a cloud-based SaaS application. The IT system has extended into Freedom’s internal design team, led by Kate Hopwood, who previously worked with Kmart. Kate Hopwood says the transformation has changed 75 percent of the company’s product range. Her expertise and background in supporting local suppliers has enabled her to help the company transform. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today!

Its customer base

The recent e-commerce revamps at Freedom Furniture have made it easy for Kiwi consumers to shop online. The site is optimized for furniture and homewares and showcases customer reviews and compliments products based on past customer behavior. During the ‘Shop the Drop’ campaign, the managing director invited shoppers to take advantage of the new prices and to ‘Shop the Drop’. Using machine learning, the site is able to identify which items customers would like to purchase together and recommend complementary products.

The company is now in its 40th year, midway through a turnaround program. In the company’s 39th year, it was experiencing a mid-life crisis, plagued by order management problems. Founded by Warren Higgs in 1981, Freedom Furniture began rebuilding its systems as the eCommerce boom hit the country. With an eye to the future, it aimed to attract a broader customer base and create a new brand position.

In 2016, Freedom introduced a new omnichannel online store and made the company’s website much faster. Additionally, the eCommerce site now features large lifestyle images and an “endless aisle” capability that makes store inventory available online. The next phase of the project will see the integration of a loyalty program called My Freedom. While a change in customer behavior may not be enough to attract new customers, it will help the company stay competitive.

If you’d like to contact the company via phone, you’ll find a toll-free 1800 customer support number and a mailing address on the Freedom website. Their customer support is excellent and will respond to any complaints or inquiries quickly. The company’s customer service staff is available Monday through Friday during normal working hours. Some of the phone numbers are available 24 hours a day, although it may take a few days for the company to respond.

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