The fans of soul eater have learned to know the pessimistic crona, but there are still many interesting facts that they do not know about him.

There were a lot of memorable characters in the eater soul and one of the most unforgettable was the powerful but shy crona.While Soul Eater was a huge shot on his release, the anime series was cut off. Crona had one of the most unique personalities who was a very haunted addition to the often mysterious show.

The fans of soul eater have learned to learn more and more on him and as the show has progressed, it has become clear, there was a good reason for crona to be so pessimistic. Crona was introverted and fans rarely if ever saw him smile in the anime.

Things you need to know about crona

Crona almost died

After Crona has helped his mother, the Academy wanted to expel him, and it seemed that everything was lost. Crona caused most worried about her friendship with Maka, who forgave him, knowing that Medusa was behind all evil. In order to gain the trust of the Academy, he volunteered to rescue stone Medusa’s lair. There he became involved in a fight with his mother, seriously injuring him. Crona was bleeding out slowly and Maka protected him from the Medusa. Fans saw how deeply the two successive sensed and later Crona was healed in the anime.

Crona was about to became Kishin

Medusa trained Crona to be from the beginning a Kishin. learned as fans, she was obsessed with the release of Kishin and Crona was the key. Crona wanted to go through with the plan because he wanted to make his mother happy. The years of torture meant that Crona saw only one goal in his life. Thanks to its black blood Crona could finally take Asura in his body and an extremely powerful creature. Soul Eater had many epic battles and Crona was in many of them an important part.

Maka was the first friend of the Crona

Maka Albarn was a big influence on him after they became friends. Crona soon began positive changes. Despite initially enemies Crona grew very fond of. Fans saw Crona protective and caring, which was a tremendous growth in Cronas case. Once the two were taken closer, seemed Crona bit happier and a lot more relaxed. He had no friends before Maka and he was taught to avoid other, that brought Makas friendship in his life a big change.

Crona fear controlled him

Crona had a tragic Backstorien the anime history. He grew up to be constantly punished by his mother for a failure; Crona was always anxious, because he never wanted to make a mistake. Cronas anxiety was eased by the madness of the black blood, which did not let him feel on the fear. Even if Crona anxiety felt he was always quite strong and it finally succeeded in overcoming it. A good example was when he rose Arachne. Fans saw him shaking in fear, but some with Ragnaroks help put together Crona.

Ragnarok Bullied Crona

It is not enough that Crona was tortured by his mother and abused, Ragnarok was terribly hard even with him. After Ragnarok was melted and mixed in Cronas blood, the two had to live together. The demons gun was attached to Cronas back. He was a confident creature who thought he was stronger than anyone else. There were a few times when Crona gathered his strength to stand on Ragnarok, which he has never taken lightly and insulted him.

Crona was androgynous

In the Japanese version Crona was always referred to as gender-neutral, but but the English writer did not want “it” use and decided to use the “HIM ‘pronoun instead, but a brief research, it became clear that Medusa was clear I Crona as female raised, but later he seemed biologically male to be. Mainly signaled Cronas Clothing elections his gender preference.

Crona had strange hobbies

Probably expected fans not think Crona spent his free time with happy thoughts and joyful activities. As a result of his horrific childhood Crona had a twisted way of thinking and fans got plenty of proof. Initially seemed Crona to remember is to kill as a hobby, and while he was not pleased him, he was kind of fun. to write Senrd Poems, appeared to be another time expulsion activity for him. In the episode 26, he wrote a piece that has thrown his colleagues and each apologized that he apologized that she was alive. Soul Eater was a rather comical anime series and Crona was a great addition to the eccentric and unique characters of the show.

Ragnarok was a demon weapon

Ragnarok was a normal demon weapon, like other humans. MEDUSA wanted to create a special tool for Cron Aron, then it melted in its form of sword in the black blood. This material was also created by MEDUSA and gave healing capabilities to those who were injected with black blood. Ragnarok made Crona’s childhood still worse, as it often acts like bullying. The demon ranged from crona recovery, protecting it whenever necessary. While Crona was one of the antagonists of the soul eater, he managed to change things despite his many disadvantages.

MEDUSA torture Crona

MEDUSA did not think of Crona as her child, but as a tool that would help him achieve her goals. Because of this, MEDUSA continued to torture crona to turn it into a killing machine.

Whenever Crona did not succeed in the training, she locked him into a dark room for days without food or drink. Probably crona would have been very different if it was not subject to a constant torture physically and mentally.

Crona’s mother was medusa

Everyone knew her like Dr Medusa at the Academy and later turned out to be the worst character in the soul eater. She wanted to free Kishin and fans had to realize, she was much more than a nurse with the death weapon Meister Academy. While viewers had the chance to learn more about Crona, it was clear, Medusa was not a model model to his child. Thanks to this Crona relationship also had a witch in his veins. MEDUSA was one of the most powerful naughty of the soul eater yet the fans loved him.

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7 Facts About Crona

  • One of Crona’s hobbies is to write morbid poetry
  • In Chapter 87, he revealed that Crona’s favorite food is pasta
  • Crona’s gender is unknown. The creator’s soul creator Aishi Okubo said they do not know Crona’s gender, so in the Japanese text, Crona is mentioned with specific gender pronouns. However, Funimation and Yen Press have decided to use male pronouns in the English translation of the anime and manga. It’s because they did not want to use it as they felt it would be too humiliating
  • The first three characters of Katakana that make up the name of Ragnarok Epeller ‘Crona’
  • The black sword is actually a broad Scandinavian, which is more commonly called Viking sword. In Nordic mythology, it is interesting to note that Ragnarok is actually the name given to a series of future events where we think there will be a great battle that will result in the death of a number of great northern gods such as that Odin, Thor and Loki. There will also be natural disasters that cause the world submerged under water
  • Crony’s English voice actor, Maxey Whitehead, said his favorite role in his career was crona
  • The main dialogue of Crona is:  “I don’t know how to deal with” They use another sentence when they are in their crazy state, who is when they tell their opponent that their blood is black

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