Dogs are pets that you need to walk with more often than with other animals. Dogs need to walk in the fresh air at least once a day, for which the owner needs a quality dog collar. There is a large choice of collars on the market, but Waudog offers the best cotton dog collars for your pet. Recycled cotton collars are durable, hypoallergic, easy to use, and have a helpful QR tag.

What Are the Advantage of Cotton Dog Collars from Waudog?

Cotton collars are created taking into account the anatomical features and behavior of the dog.  Wearing a collar, the dog will feel comfortable and will not even notice the presence of the collar.

Quality and Planet Friendly Material

We are used to caring for the planet, saving its resources, and not using them excessively. We give up plastic and solve environmental problems. Buying a cotton rope dog collar is another manifestation of the care about our planet because the material from which the collar is made is recycled cotton. In this way, the company saves nature’s resources and recycles them wisely. Dog collar cotton from which the collar is made is strong and durable. Although the collar is strong like the leather, it is both flexible and pleasant for dog skin and fur. The collar is sewn so as not to rub the skin of the puppy and be insensitive to the dog. The material from which the collar is made is suitable for dogs that are allergic to certain materials. The collar is soft to the dog`s fur, will not pull and tear it out during the moving.

Modern Design

You can choose from 5 colors: blue, brown, gray, pink and purple. Colors are diluted with a reflective thread. Thanks to this design, you can more easily watch your puppy and better see your pet in the dark.

Resistible to Washing

The Waudog collar can be machine washed and the recycled cotton will not feel it and will not change. The color will remain original, without fading, and the structure and shape will remain the same. You can wash the dog’s collar at the machine turning 30 ° C mode without worrying.  Reliable Hardware

An important part of the collar is the fasteners, which are the main restraints of the leash.  The collar is equipped with plastic clasps, which makes them light and strong at the same time. Clasps can withstand any tension and activity of your pet. Plastic clasps are also improved with a lock so as not to open in an extreme situation.


Smart Collar Tag

In today’s world, we have come up with modern ways to walk with your pet without a fear. The biggest concern of the owners during the walk is that the dog can accidentally get lost. A dog can walk around and lose the owner out of sight. This can be traumatic for both the owner and the pet.

However, with the smart ID tag, you can forget about your worries. The ID tag works through a free application that is available to the owners of the tag. If your pet gets lost, a passerby who sees a customized ID tag on the collar will be able to scan the QR code and contact you immediately. The personalized ID tag includes emergency contacts, your phone number, and information you customize. The information includes names: your name and the name of your dog, medical data, and pet identification data.

You can buy a dog collar of any breed at the Waudog website. On the website, you can find a table with the sizes of dog breeds: S, M, L, and XL. The table shows the breeds and sizes of dogs that fit certain collar sizes, to help the buyer choose the size right.

The website proposes great customer service. That is why you can not worry about the return of the collar if it does not suit your pet. You can use a 30 days money-back guarantee or change the collar size. If the clasps mechanism breaks you can use the lifetime warranty and get your money back. Choose the collar with the best quality for your pet and save the planet by buying recycled cotton.

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