Cobid certified ethnic minorities, women’s own, service disabilities have owners and emerging small businesses that are interested in contracting with national, county and municipal government agencies. Our goal is to cultivate an environment. Every small busines in Oregon can compete with race, gender, disability or scale. We strive to help the owners of the disadvantaged business enter the opportunity to compete for public contracting opportunities – ethnic minorities, women, service disabled veterans and emerging small enterprises have encountered obstacles. When the company has a contract with a contract, these historical companies have advanced, helping to strengthen and strengthen our local, regional and national economies.

What is COBID ?

Cobid stands for “Certification Office for Business Inclusion and Diversity”.

The main purpose of a COBID certification is to allow companies to bid on government contracts awarded by the state of Oregon no matter the size, gender of their employees, ethnicity, or disability.

Startup, small businesses or companies employing persons with disabilities, women or minorities can get certifications through the Cobid program, enabling them to better compete for government contracts.

In addition to the welfare of the company, the Government will benefit because they will be able to grant government contracts to the company and businesses:

  1. Minority business
  2. Female owned business
  3. Services to serve the disabled veterans
  4. Emerging companies and startup

Oregon’s goal is to grant a variety of companies in a fair way, no matter who owns the company, or whether the owner has some “disadvantage.”

In 2016, the office of ethnic groups, women and Oregon, has changed their name, and became a business inclusive and diverse certification office (also known as cobid).

How to work COBID authentication


Let’s take a look at the main elements of COBID certification and see how it works.

Cobid Oriegan purpose

The purpose is to allow the Office Cobid minorities, women or the disabled service companies and emerging small businesses have a better chance together, and the winning bid for government projects and contracts.

Some government programs must meet certain equity, diversity and inclusion goals, and grant certification Cobid company to make the process easier and faster.

Authentication Type of Cobid

In Oregon, inclusion and diversity business enterprise offices to provide proof of office, and the possibility of the application may be obtained Cobid certification.

When you get certified, your company will have more opportunities or a chance to win government contracts.

The following are the different types of authentication provided:

  1. Airport concessions disadvantaged business enterprise program (ACDBE)
  2. Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program (DBE)
  3. Minority business plan (MBE)
  4. Women’s Business Enterprise Program (WBE)
  5. Emerging Small Business Program (ESB)
  6. Service disabled veteran-owned plans (SDV)

Cobid Qualifications

Applicants must qualify for the disadvantaged business enterprise program, minority business enterprise program, Women’s Business Enterprise Program, Women’s Business Enterprise program or service disabled veterans have planned, you must:

  1. The company has at least 51% of the application for certification
  2. Control and manage the company’s daily operations
  3. Holds the necessary licenses to operate the business professional

For the Company in line with the emerging small business plan, the company must meet SBA size standards and the upper limit of the average income in three years.

Application of Cobid

  1. You can apply for Cobic authentication using authentication management system application smear Oregon website.
  2. Through this online platform, you will be able to complete your certification application in a convenient manner.
  3. The application is usually submitted online.
  4. If you do not have Internet access or can not submit an application online, you can call 503-986-0075 Cobic Certification Office to obtain a hard copy of the application.
  5. Oregon certification application is free of charge.
  6. More importantly, your certification renewal will be free.

The Term Minority

What race are considered “minorities” do?

  1. According to Cobid office to say, the following are considered to be ethnic minorities:
  2. “Black Americans, including people of African origin in any of the black racial groups;
  3. Hispanic including Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central or South American or other Spanish culture or origin or Portuguese people, regardless of race;
  4. Native Americans, including American Indians, Eskimos, Native Hawaiian or mountain people;
  5. Asia-Pacific Americans, including federal from Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, Samoa, Guam, Philippines and USA trust Islands, Vietnam, North Maliyasi Islands Macau, Fiji, Tonga, Kiribati, Tuvalu, Nauru, or Hong Kong;
  6. Asian Americans, including people from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal or Sri Lanka person;
  7. Any additional groups are small business management and / or (2013 edition) designated as socially disadvantaged accordance with 49 CFR Part 26.
  8. Other minority membership established by the applicant. Membership is based on the applicant’s evidence to support the applicant’s claim. He or she is a member of the minority group, and a particular minority community recognizes that individuals become members of the community. It is in Cobid Discretion to determine if the applicant’s claim is valid. If the Minority community in Oregon does not exist, evidence turns to the applicant’s responsibilities to prove he or her is a social and economic vulnerable individual. “

In addition, the country here defines minority companies:

  • “Minority Business Enterprise” or “MBE” refers to the business of owns and operations from minorities, in line with the qualification standards specified in OAR 123-200-1210 to 123-200-124. For the purposes of the certification program, the rules will As a single group, it is not as a “minority” group. “

Benefits of Cobid

Here are the main benefits of obtaining COBID certification:

  1. Your company can bid federal contracts, national contracts, county contracts or urban government projects
  2. You can work with international and large organizations that adopt policies that cooperate with certified small companies.
  3. You may be eligible to receive a direct reward for $ 10,000 through the state or $ 50,000 professional service reward.
  4. Emerging small businesses may be eligible to have a direct reward for $ 100,000 through the Otte Small Signing Program Emergency Response List.

In addition, certified will also allow you to participate in various network events, use the marketing tools you provide, participate in the course, and even find the guidance plan.

Commercial Oregon Contact Information

If you need more information about COBID certification, you can contact Oregon for more information.

  1. Telephone: 503-986-0075
  2. Email: [email protected]
  3. COBID Login (Certification Management System)
  4. COBID Directory of certified firms
  5. Oregon Certification Programs
  6. Oregon Business Resources

You can also ask questions to get questions about the common problem of Cobid to get more answers to more questions.

COBID certification benefits and support

Become a new opportunity for Cobid certification to lead to a variety of projects that you may not know. Energy Trusts in Oregon delivers no cost opportunities in the employment of business inclusive and diversity certification office. Through this simplified process, trade ally can complete the certification of parties that meet the requirements.

Getting COBID certification allows your company to bid a variety of federal, state and local projects, which have diversity, equity, and inclusive requirements. It can also benefit emerging small companies, hoping to heel in the new market.

Other opportunities to cooperate with major contractors can lead to increased exposure in the market and obtain projects and services that may not be able to touch. Today, please call information about how to cooperate with energy trusts in order to develop this step and develop your business in the next step.

How COBID Certification Helps Emerging Small Businesses Compete For Government Contracts

COBID certification is a great tool to help emerging small businesses compete for government contracts. It is the most common means by which large firms, state governments, and other entities do business. A COBID-certified business will be able to tap into these opportunities and make money. Read on to learn more about this certification. And, don’t forget to check out our free COBID training materials! We have all you need to get started!

First, you need to know the rules. As a prime contractor, you need to be aware of the COBID program and its regulations. You have to follow the requirements of the contract in order to be eligible for it. For example, the Contractor must obtain at least three written bids from COBID-certified firms in order to be awarded the Contract. Generally, the City will also require that the prime contractor disclose the name and experience of its first-tier subcontractors, and this will increase the chances of getting a lower bid.

The COBID Program requires that at least 20% of the hard construction costs go to COBID subcontractors. This is a lofty goal, but it’s not a given. Most prime contractors will be required to use a COBID-certified firm for the majority of their projects. However, it’s still worth it to get the best possible value on your projects by using a COBID-certified firm.

COBID-certified subcontractors must be used during the performance of the Contract. In addition to identifying the state in which the subcontractor is certified, the contractor must include the number of certifications for the subcontractor, and how the subcontractor is selected. In addition, COBID-certified firms must list the last three projects they have completed. In addition, the Contractor must identify the name and experience of the liaison officer for the COBID-certified firm.

If the COBID-certified subcontractors have been certified on three or more projects, they must be used in that capacity during the Contract’s performance. The subcontractor’s certification must be listed in the COBID-certified subcontractor directory, and the contractor must provide all of the relevant information to each of the subcontractors. In addition, the contractor must provide the name and contact information of a COBID-certified business’s liaison officer.

A COBID-certified subcontractor must be certified on all three projects. The contractor must identify the specific subcontractor’s COB-certified certification number and the type of work. The Contractor must contact the COBID-certified subcontractor in writing.COBID-certified firms must be available for the project. The Contractor must also include a copy of the bidding documents for the COBID-certified business to provide them with the necessary information for the COBID-certified firm.

The COBID-certified subcontractor must be utilized during the performance of the Contract. The COBID-certified subcontractor should indicate the type of certification, state of certification, and certification number. The contractor should also include a statement regarding how the COBID-certified firm was selected for the project. It is also vital for the success of a project. It is important to make sure that your contract is prepared in the correct manner.

A COBID-certified subcontractor must be certified for the proposed work. The COBID-certified subcontractor must identify all certification types and the state they are certified in. The COBID certified subcontractor must also identify the specific COBID-certified subcontractor’s certification number.COBID-certified businesses must list at least three projects within the last 24 months. If the COBID-certified business does not have at least three projects in the last 24 months, it must name and experience of the liaison officer.

A COBID-certified subcontractor must be used in the proposed capacity during the performance of the Contract. A COBID-certified subcontractor should state the type of certification they have and its certification number. In addition, the Contractor should specify how they chose the COBID-certified subcontractor. Moreover, the Contractor should state the name and experience of the COBID-certified liaison officer for the firm.COBID-certified companies must be contacted in writing for a contract.

A COBID-certified company must be certified in all areas where the project will be conducted. The state certifies COBID-certified businesses based on the criteria they meet. The state is the only state in the country that requires a contractor to be COBID-certified.COBID-certified businesses will receive the necessary training and support to ensure they are ready to participate in the public sector. The requirements for a successful certification are simple to comply with.

Frequently asked questions about Cobid

What is cobid?

Cobid means the company’s inclusive and diverse certification office.

The Business Inclusive and Diversity (Cobid) certification proofs the applicable and meets national standards of these programs. COBID certification includes: Federal funding traffic related projects. Airport offers unfavorable business business plan.

What is Oregon Cobid?

Business Inclusive and Diversity (Cobid) Office is the only certification body in Oregon, and provides a “one-stop” certification process. Certification opened the door of the target government contractor. Certification includes: Federal funding transportation related projects.

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