To know how to cleanse crystals first thing we need to know what are crystals . Crystals are a beautiful collection of rocks that have surprised/amazed people for thousands of years. They are used for a lot of different things, not just for decoration. Many of the earliest radios used crystals to transmit radio waves. Some watches, such as quartz watches, still use crystal to this day. They have always been viewed as something beautiful and are still often placed in jewelry with diamonds or other stones. Most crystals are now artificially made in laboratories. They are extremely rare on earth.

What Are Crystals?

Crystals are nothing more than an established set of molecules or atoms. There are many different shapes and sizes of crystals, each with different characteristics. How they are formed depends on what they are made of. Some crystals can be made from salt – these make cubic crystals. Some come from other elements and form completely different forms. Some examples of this are diamonds or rubies. Some elements can create more than one shape. When the element carbon is in the form of a diamond it can be used to cut precious stones, but we use it in different forms in a variety of things every day. The greatest form we use it is to power our homes and businesses.

Why is crystal cleaning important?

Whether you just have one special shining crystal that celebrates your soul, or you have a different gemstone for each era, take care of your gemstones to promote every program for every partner you need to give.Crystals are awesome, they help us feel chaos, they balance us, they protect us from evil vibrations and toxic energy, and they always hum with loud vibrations to keep us strong and calm. ۔ In short, they are busy.

Some elements can create more than one shape. Knowing how to clear crystals can ensure that your jewelry is fully charged and ready to hold these healing vibrations forever. A good crystal wills not only keep your jewelry sparkling and sparkling, it will also help you strengthen your connection and connect this unbreakable bond with your beauty.

Top Methods to Get Rid of Negative Energy.

Cleaning your crystals and giving them a full plug recharge is not a difficult business but it is necessary. The emotional stones you keep close and use on a regular basis will need to be cleaned more than the gems that sit more on the shelf. The more stone you use, the clearer it should be. Because crystals are so good at connecting spaces that all the energy has to go somewhere and it’s not appropriate to leave your beloved jewel on the edge with a negative gun. Check out these easy wind ways to keep your stones in bright light and eliminate these weird vibes every time for a fresh, complete and wonderful healing experience.

how to cleanse crystals

How to Cleanse crystals – 9 easy ways

  • New Moon/Full moon

The crystal and the moon are together. There is also something about the fat full moon goddess energy and the deep breath of the brand new moon. The moon can clear crystals at a deep energy level and this has been an exercise for centuries. The moonlight also helps you absorb the feminine energy that loves jewelry. The full moon will bring the energy of release while the new moon offers the energy of growth.

Put your crystals on your window before going to bed and leave them there overnight. This gives your jewelry plenty of time to absorb the green light. Even if you can’t do it all night, a few hours will work wonders. This method of cleaning is perfect for all stones, especially those that do not do well with water.

  • Eclipses

A lunar eclipse can be an amazingly energetic force and feels like turning a page in a new chapter. Whether it is a solar eclipse or a lunar eclipse, this may be an excellent opportunity to replenish new energy for the crystal. Dramatic changes can occur during these natural phenomena. Lunar eclipses are closely linked to major internal changes and transformations, while solar eclipses speak of external changes and drastic changes in the make-up of your life. This is a great opportunity for people who are stuck in static energy to get things moving.

Find out the time of the next solar or lunar eclipse, and put your jewelry on a window, balcony or outside in a safe place so that you can drink in bright light. Make sure your jewelry is exposed to sunlight if you are choosing an eclipse charge. Direct sunlight can destroy some gems and even these warm sun-colored stones should not be left in direct light for long. Clear quartz is a good gem for both cleaning and charging methods.

  • Salt Water

Anyone who has ever swim in the ocean knows that salt water is an instant healing agent. Using salt water to clean your crystals helps to absorb unwanted energy and remove all negative colors. Saltwater is the best way to immerse your jewelry in the soft flow and use this sea of confidence and transformation. For those who are close to the sea, you can collect a cup of salt water for your crystals, but don’t be afraid that the land is closed.

Make sure your crystals are immersed in salt water for a few hours or a whole day if you can’t stand it for that long. Be sure to dry properly when you remove your stones. Be aware that not all crystals love water. While rocks such as amethyst and quartz will perform well due to their hard nature, softer and more insecure rocks such as selenite, lipidolite, malachite and angelite should not be wet.

  • Smudging

Anyone who has ever washed the place to get rid of bad energy will know how effective this simple process is. Dirt is another old technique and often turns to sage or pine or lavender and sweet grass but a few herbs work well with it. Baba is the most preferred choice as this herb is equipped with many healing properties. This powerful herb purifier, can connect us to the realm of the soul, cleanse the negative energy, and remove all the colors of stress. This is exactly what your tired crystal needs.

When smuggling your stones make sure you are near an open window or use a sage stick outside for better and cleaner results. Light your Baba’s stick in one hand and the light of the stone in the other hand and wave the Baba on the stone so that the smoke surrounds the stone for at least 30 seconds. One of the best things about the smoky method is that you can do it with any crystal, especially a pirate, where you don’t want to lose your luster.

  • Sunlight

Although the moon is ripe with feminine energy, the golden glow of the sun brings a more masculine spirit and it is all about bringing strength, energy and vitality to life. The sun is a powerful business and as anyone who has ever pushed winter worries into the sun knows that this star is a powerful thing. Wait for a beautiful day or clear sky and place your stone to warm in the skylight. There is nothing more satisfying than instantly charging this solar energy, holding a rock from the sun in your hand and transferring this joy to the depths of your soul.

While sunlight is a great way to change the dial when you clean your sperm, not all stones are creatures of summer and sunlight. If some are left in direct sunlight, some of the crystals will disappear and lose their luster, and no stone should sit in the sun for too long. Deep rocks like hematite and red and orange rocks work best in carnelian sunlight. Stones that need protection from the sun include ametrine, aquamarine, amethyst, calcite, barrel, and citrine (despite their sunny nature) and other rare gemstones that can lose their color.

  • Sound

Sound power is another safe way to clean and charge crystals. Using sound frequency to wash your crystal and rejuvenate it is not the best risk of cleaning your jewelry. Fast and efficient, it’s also a smart way for people who have a whole bunch of crystals that will take forever to clean and charge individually.

Whether you use spells, tuning forks, or bells or bells of a singing bowl, the most important thing is that the sound is able to reach a vibration that surrounds the rocks. You can use it for any stone and there is no need to take more than five minutes in sound bath.

  • Larger Stones

Jewels and slabs can be another great way to clean your tiny crystals. Using large stones to charge is a pure and tumultuous way for your gems to heal and share energy with each other. Quartz and selenite are particularly well-versed when it comes to refining other crystals. Claire is known as a quartz master healer and specializes in clearing selenium toxic vibrations.

You can place small stones on top of large stones to use large jade, clusters and slabs to clean your other crystals. If this balancing process seems difficult, you can put them together in a bag or on a plate. Let them mingle with each other for six hours or if you have patience you can leave them overnight.

  • Burial

The earth is one of our most basic elements and standing barefoot in the mud or grass can instantly cleanse and refresh the soul. The same can be said for crystals. Burying your precious stones in the dust is a great way to re-ground them and invite them to remove any evil energy. The method of burial is one of the heavy responsibilities for those who want to shake their jewels well and clean them after some serious energy work.

Find a safe and sacred place to bury your semen, perhaps in a place that seems special to you, or under a favorite tree, or even in your own garden. Bury them in the ground (only a few inches deep). Leave for at least 24 hours or even three days. Rocks that like to clean the earth include Tiger Eye, Citrine, Cornelin, Jasper, Calcite and Agate.

  • Visualization/Meditation

Finally, you can also clean and charge your rocks by sharing your intuitive powers. Cleaning your stones with meditation and meditation techniques can be a great way to strengthen your relationship with your crystal. As they give you, you can give them back. It is also the safest way to clean your rocks as you run the risk of disturbing or disturbing the natural balance of rocks with water, soil, sun or any other element. However, it is important that you feel good in a good place and that you ground and combine your energy so that your rock does not have to do any work.

Hold your rock in your mighty hand and hold your energy until you feel centered. Imagine a great white light in your hands, soaked around the jewel and in every nook and cranny. Pay attention to all the impurities and negative energies emanating from your stone and replace it with pure and bright light. This process can take several minutes to complete and you should do it with just one stone at a time so that you can fully concentrate your energy. You can do this exercise with any of your gems.

How to cleanse crystals : 9 important ways you need to know

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Frequently Asked Questions about Crystal Cleaning

Should I clean my new crystal?

Yes! As soon as you have a crystal, it makes sense to clean, charge, and program it to suit your personal needs. Great Crystal Healing is all about connecting with your stone and building a beautiful relationship. Meditate on your stone and imagine all the things you want from it with gratitude for its presence in your life.

How often should I clean my gemstones jewelry?

It depends on how often you use your precious stones and what kind of work they do. For the crystals that are often used, all the time on your person, or that are known for emotionally heavy lifting, you should clean more than the stones that rest in your room or on the shelf. A good rule of thumb is to clear your crystals once a month and after each heavy session if you are doing chakra or reiki work. Crystal, like everything else, is mostly intuitive, so if you think your money can benefit from cleansing, go ahead.

How do I know when the stone is cleansed?

After your cleaning session, your stone should be light and light in hand. Again, intuition is always your best guide when dealing with God.

When it comes to energy work, crystals do heavy lifting and as a result, they can be heavier or heavier. Cleaning and recharging helps them dump all their stored energy and clean up the area so they can continue doing well.



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