A large number of people require video streaming for work or professional reasons as well as entertainment, playing games. For people in sales and marketing, it is necessary to create a good impression on potential customers to improve the chances of selling the product or service. Similarly, many gamers are streaming the game they play, and other entertainers have fans who pay to watch their videos being streamed live. Though some laptops have an inbuilt camera, the quality of the image is not satisfactory. Hence it is necessary to use a good quality streaming camera with the computer. Some of the features of a high-quality camera for streaming videos are described below.

Things to consider while choosing a streaming camera


One of the features of the camera which should be checked is the resolution. Usually, individuals who are streaming their games, require a higher fps, typically 60 fps. In this case, the resolution is lower at 720 p. For other applications, especially work-related, zoom calls, video phone calls on skype, image clarity is required, so high definition (HD) images are available at 1080 p, though the fps is lower at 30 fps. The aspect ratio for the image is usually maintained at 4:3 so that there is no distortion.

Camera controls

Another consideration for choosing a camera is the controls available in the camera so that the user can adjust the image as required. To save time, the camera should have an auto focussing feature, though there should also be a provision for manual adjustment to improve the images if required. It should also be possible to adjust the other parameters for the camera image like the brightness, contrast, saturation, and white balance to improve the image, based on the conditions in the room where the camera is located.

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If the camera is used often, the camera lens may get scratches due to which the image quality is adversely affected. Hence it is advisable to purchase a camera whose lens is made from scratch-resistant material like Corning Gorilla Glass 3. This lens will also not get damaged if the camera falls from a height. Better designed cameras have a privacy cover so that the lens can be easily covered when the computer user does not want the camera to get activated. The camera should be supplied with a stand so that multiple mounting options are possible. Typically many users mount the camera on top of their monitor, though in some cases, they may keep it on the table whether the monitor or laptop is placed. It should also be possible to mount the camera on a tripod.


Other features.

Though it may be possible to connect the camera to a USB2.0 port, most high-quality cameras are connected to USB3.0 ports for faster data transfer. Better cameras have a light ring provided with the camera so that the user does not have to waste his time setting up multiple lights for proper illumination. The camera will ensure that the lighting is uniform and can be easily adjusted. The best cameras often have a light sensor, which will measure the light intensity in the room, and adjust the light from the camera automatically for properly illuminated images.

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