Chiluc and Diluc are the main characters of the Genshin Impact manga series. Though the two have very little on-screen interaction, they are the most popular lovebirds in the fandom. While there is no official characterization, it is clear that they were meant to be rivals. In the manga, the pair are called “enemies to lovers.” Their story is a fascinating one that reflects the ‘enemies to lovers’ trope in a unique way.

Who is Diluc ? The Enemies to Lovers Chiluc and Diluc

Diluc is a devout Fatui, and has never reconciled with his adopted brother Kaeya Alberich. Childe is family-oriented and feels guilty for lying to her adopted brother Teucer. The two share a deep hatred of the Fatui, and their relationship has been troubled since they were young. They have been destined to be together forever, but it has taken them some time to get there.

Diluc and Childe/Chulic


Diluc and Childe are sisters. Although they have never interacted, they are very similar. Their personalities are nearly identical, and both wear diamond-shaped red gems as earrings. They also share a hatred of Fatui and both believe that their brother is the greatest evil. In fact, Childe is the eleventh Fatui Harbinger, while Diluc has a strong anti-Fatui belief. These two share many similar characteristics.

Tartaglia and Diluc

Tartaglia and Diluc are an enigma to the rest of the world. In the manga, they never have any interaction, but they have many similarities. Their hatred of the Fatui and their mutual fear of death make them a good match for each other. In the comics, Diluc is also a big fan of slash ships and slash shippers. The slash ship features two characters who are unlikely to have any in common.

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slash ship characters

Diluc and Childe are slash ship characters who share similar traits. They have never met in the manga, but their love interests are very similar. Both characters wear red diamond gems as earrings. Both have a dislike for the Fatui. Both have a vengeful nature, and both are able to kill them easily. As a result, they are attracted to each other. They have a mutual hatred for each other, and they are a perfect pair for each other.

Despite not having met in canon, Childe and Diluc share many traits. They both hate the Fatui, and they both have a pronounced hatred for them. But they still share a common love affair. And as a result, they both belong to a slash ship. They have never interacted with each other, but their traits are similar. They are both indifferent to the Fatui, but they both wear red gems as earrings.

Both characters are slashing and are not romantic. The two never meet in canon, but they have similar traits. They both wear diamond-shaped red gems as earrings and have a strong hatred of the Fatui. Both have a strong bond with each other, and they’re a slash ship, so they’re best friends. There is no specific plot between these two, but they are both interesting characters.

The two share a slashship, and their slashships are both based on the same characters. In the comic, Childe has an unnaturally strong hatred for the Fatui. She also has a deep hatred for the Fatui. She has a strong dislike for the Harbinger and has a great affinity for the 11th Fatui. She is a slashship of Diluc and Childe, but the two characters have never met in canon.

Diluc and Chiluc are slashships. Both characters are known to share a strong hatred for the Fatui. They both wear earrings in the form of diamond-shaped red gems. They both have a similar slash ship relationship. But Diluc and Childe are not in love. They have a deep hatred for each other. Both characters are fiercely loyal to each other. However, they both have different sexual preferences.

While Diluc has a deep hatred for the Fatui, he has a deep respect for Childe. As a result, Diluc has a very strong bond with Childe. Both are often enemies in battle. The two are portrayed in comic books as being quite different. This contrast is apparent in the books and is reflected in the real world. In the manga, both characters are antagonists. In the comic, Diluc has a large hatred for the Fatui, and the opposite is true as well.


Does Genshin Impact have a manga?

This is what you need to understand Genshin affects the MANGA series.

If you don’t know, Genshin’s influence has a comic family. It is based on Mihoyo’s incredible popular RPG game, drawn by the artist team. Comics has 16 chapters of different languages.

How many chapters are in Genshin anthology?

This makes up for a brief part of the first question because there are 13 chapters as a whole. It includes usual genshin affects humorous fans, and each different chapter has a few pages.

How old is Diluc?

Estimated Age of Diluc is 21 years old

How old is Kaeya?

Kaeya Captain In the Impact of Genshin

However, based on his negligence and appearance, he can assume a place between 25-28 years old. From the story around the role, it is well known that Kaeya has been in the Knight’s Knight for 10 years.

What are the 7 nations in Genshin impact?

Genshin’s impact occurs in the world of Teyvat, composed of seven major countries, composed of Mondstadt, Liyue, Inazuma, SUMERU, FONTAINE, NATLAN and SNEZHNAYA, everyone is ruled by God.

Is Kaeya from Khaenri ah?

Kaeya Alberich is one of a few well-known characters from Khaenri’ah.  Later, Kaeya will joined Favonius alongside Diruc.

Does Diluc have a delusion?

Mondstadt’s Broody Rich Play / Secret Vigilante Protector’s Diruc Ragnvindr, the darkness before the game, stays for 3 years. During that time, he abandoned his Pyro vision and dis impuls it unable to protect his dear, and waved a dark artifact called deli.

What happened 500 years ago in Genshin impact?

Therefore, for beginners, we have now confirmed 500 years ago, Khaenri’ah was destroyed by “God”. However, this puts a lot of questions, as well as WHO and how to adapt to twins?

Is Childe better than Diluc?

The power of Childe and Diruc may be a scalar, but the child is more likely to have a better driving force than the light box, so that the childhood competitors hit the iris.

Is Diluc stronger than Jean lore?

13 pieces. On the occasion of his Favonius, Diru is considered to be the best. If he only leaves, he may be grandfather, not let Jean. This will make him more powerful.

Is Diluc and Kaeya brothers?

Kaeya is a non-orthodox cavalry captain of the Favonius knight, indeed Monstadt’s station Batman, Diruc Ragnivindr’s adoption of brothers.

Who is Diluc shipped with?

The honesty of Diruc and Kaeya is honest with a big difference. This is because they not only use brothers, but they are almost struggled to death, but they are polar opposite. Diruc’s relationship with Kaeya is still extremely rock, even if it is improved over time.


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