Can Dogs Eat Cherries? Cherries are delicious, bright and happy fruits! So it’s no wonder we’re tempted to share them with our dogs. But is that really a good idea?

Are cherries safe, toxic, or a potential risk to dogs

We all value a varied diet, so of course we want that for our dogs too. And tasty, bite-sized fruits seem to be exactly her thing.But can dogs safely eat cherries? In our efforts to provide a balanced diet for our furry friends, we sometimes give them the wrong thing.

So, are cherries okay for dogs? Are Cherries Safe for Dogs? Or are cherries for dogs something we’d better avoid?

Can Dogs Eat Cherries?

Can dogs eat cherries? Here is the short answer – no!

Dogs are not allowed to eat cherries.

Not only are these fruits completely different from what a dog would naturally eat, they are also quite dangerous. Eating too many cherry stones can potentially lead to cyanide poisoning . In my opinion, that’s reason enough to avoid them completely.

It is important to note that this can only happen if the stone is chewed up. Cherry pits have developed in such a way that they can be swallowed by animals and passed on to another place.

can dogs eat cherries

A dog could chew the stone in the cherry it has eaten, but an intact stone can cause its own problems. Ruminants, large herbivores like cows or goats, have digestive systems that often benefit from solids like pips and stones that pass through them. However, dogs are not ruminants. A cherry pit could cause constipation that could result in a trip to the emergency vet.

Can Puppies Eat Cherries? Under no circumstance. Puppies will handle cyanide poisoning even worse than an adult dog. We need to be even more careful with puppy food than we do with adult dogs. So what makes chewed cherry stones so bad for dogs?

Are cherries poisonous to dogs?

How are cherries poisonous to dogs? While the pulp of cherries is not poisonous to dogs, the kernels certainly are. The kernels of red cherries contain 3.9 mg amygdalin per 1 g. The amygdalin is converted to hydrocyanic acid in the stomach and intestines.

So can dogs eat black cherries? And can dogs eat Bing cherries?

While they contain a little less amygdalin, it’s still enough to make a dangerous amount of hydrogen cyanide. Hydrocyanic acid is probably the most famous poison in popular culture. The very idea of ​​it is enough to frighten most of us. Amygdalin, a chemical that produces hydrogen cyanide, is found in traces in many foods.

Almonds , apple pits, and numerous other foods contain small amounts of them that could be dangerous if we consume enough of them at once. Because of this widespread use of cyanide, humans are quite resistant to it.

As hunters and gatherers, we often supplemented our diet by collecting seeds, berries and fruits. Dogs don’t take advantage of such evolutionary pressures. That’s because they have no tendency to eat fruit in the wild. So it’s not surprising that they are among the least resistant animals when it comes to cyanide poisoning.

Cyanide poisoning

However, cherry pits are also dangerous for humans . This is usually not a problem as we tend to spit out the kernels, but dogs don’t have this tendency. So if the “my dog ​​ate a cherry” nightmare hits, it is best to see a veterinarian as soon as possible . A chewed cherry stone may be less dangerous than many, but it is still potentially life-threatening.

Different dogs have different levels of resistance to cyanide. You may not know how many cherries your dog chewed and ate. Acute cyanide poisoning symptoms usually begin 15-20 minutes after dogs have eaten what poisoned them.

You may seem excited and nervous at first, and you may breathe quickly. A poisoned dog can become incontinent and sometimes vomit.

You may also notice that your dog’s pupils are dilated and they have reddish gums. If your dog has eaten cherry pits and is showing these symptoms then it is time to act quickly. The majority of poisoned dogs die within 2 hours of the onset of symptoms. They are unable to stand upright, which often leads to convulsions and heart attacks.

Fortunately, there are a number of antidotes available to veterinarians. So if you can get your dog to this one, he has a much better chance of survival.

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What if your dog swallows the whole cherry

If your dog puts his paw on a whole cherry when you are not looking, don’t panic. A single cherry stone will not cause cyanide poisoning. But you should pay attention to the symptoms of intestinal obstruction, including vomiting, decreased appetite, constipation, and decreased stool production.

These symptoms may appear within 24 hours after your dog swallows the cherry pit. Remember that smaller dogs are more likely to suffer from intestinal obstruction due to small pits.

If your dog eats multiple cherries, you should be aware of the symptoms of cyanide poisoning. These include difficulty breathing, bright red gums, and dilated pupils. If you find that your dog has eaten multiple cherries without seeds, it is best to call your veterinarian just in case. Your veterinarian may decide that the best way is to induce vomiting to avoid cyanide poisoning.

Are Cherries Bad for Dogs?

Aside from this worrying seed toxicity, cherries are bad for dogs. Although we have changed their appearance and behavior since they were wolves, their stomachs have changed little. Dogs still thrive on a high protein diet that would also be suitable for a wolf. All of this means that dogs actually have no need for fruit; the high sugar content can cause real problems.

Maraschino cherries, even if pitted, are full of sugar. These are not safe either. Neither does cherry-flavored foods. These are also sugary and often filled with additives. Excess sugar can lead to obesity, which often leads to diabetes. There’s no reason to do this to our furry friends, because they can do just fine without fruit.

Are Cherries Good For Dogs?

No, cherries are not good for dogs.

We humans benefit from the many vitamins that cherries contain, but dogs produce many of these vitamins in their own bodies. Before humans domesticated wolves to make them the pets we love, they got along well with meat. You should only supplement your dog’s food with extra vitamins if instructed to do so by a veterinarian. This can be the case in the event of a defect. Only a veterinarian can tell. He will help you give your mutt just the right amount.

Can dogs eat cherries without pits?

So we can see that cherries with pits are bad. But can dogs eat cherries without pits? Even without cherry pits, dogs shouldn’t eat cherries. A pitted cherry is unlikely to do any immediate harm to your furry friend, but it certainly won’t do them any good. We mentioned earlier that the high sugar levels can lead to weight gain and, as a result, diabetes, but it’s also really bad for your dog’s teeth. The bacteria that cause tooth decay feed on residual sugar from your dog’s food.

Dental problems are not only a drain on your wallet, they can also cause serious pain.

Can Dogs Eat Dried Cherries?

But what about other types of cherries? Can Dogs Eat Cherries Once They’re Dried?

Dried fruits usually contain a much higher concentration of sugar than their fresh counterparts. This exacerbates the health problems that other pitted cherries bring with them. Although most dried cherries are pitted, the packaging will usually warn that some pits may be left behind. For humans, this is not really a problem as we can recognize the core in our mouth and spit it out. However, a dog could just chew it up with the rest, and we have already made it very clear what that could mean.

Can dogs eat cherries?

Cherry meat is safe for dogs. Cherries contain vitamins A and C, fiber, and antioxidants that are good for dogs. Unfortunately, cherry meat may cause stomach upset.

To make matters worse, cherry stones, stems and leaves contain cyanide. If taken in enough, it is toxic to dogs. One cherry pit and stem is usually not enough for cyanide poisoning, but there is no risk. In addition, if ingested, these pits can cause intestinal obstruction.

Are there cherries that are safe for dogs?

There are many different types of cherries, including bing, rainier, black and maraschino. Although black cherries have no pits, they contain a lot of sugar, which is not good for dogs. “Generally speaking, it is not a good idea to provide your dog with any canned fruit because they usually have added sugar or preservatives,” said Jan Dempsey, Purina’s senior nutritionist. Excess sugar can cause diabetes, obesity, indigestion and even tooth decay.

You can feed your dog a fresh cherry, but you must first remove the pit, stem, and any leaves. Considering that your dog is not eating enough to get any benefits from this fruit, this requires a lot of work.

What if your dog ate a whole cherry

An accident happened, so it’s not unreasonable to think that your dog might eat a whole cherry (or more). Fortunately, one or two cherries-the core and all-are unlikely to cause him harm. He may have a mild reaction and have stomach upset or diarrhea.

Even if he only eats one or two cherries, pay attention to signs of intestinal obstruction, such as constipation, decreased appetite, and vomiting. Intestinal obstruction caused by a single cherry pit affects small dogs more, but you should also be aware of large dogs.

If your dog eats a handful or more of cherries, watch for signs of cyanide poisoning, including difficulty breathing, red gums, and dilated pupils. Regardless of whether he has any symptoms, please call your veterinarian for further guidance.

Are there safer alternatives?

Yes, your dog can eat many other fresh fruits and berries without the risks mentioned above. Blueberries are a good choice, as are mangoes that are peeled and pitted and apples without pits and seeds.

Of course, you can always stick to traditional dog food and your puppies will find it as exciting and delicious as fresh fruit. Explore all our expert answers, safety tips and suggestions to keep your dog as healthy and happy as possible.

Summary Can Dogs Eat Cherries

Sadly, dogs can’t eat cherries. The kernels contain cyanide and also pose a risk of constipation. Pelled cherries are high in sugar, which is unhealthy for your dog. And a few overlooked cores could prove fatal.

If the worst has happened and your dog has eaten cherry pits, see a veterinarian immediately. Acute cyanide poisoning works quickly.


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