Can you imagine being exhausted for at least six months and feeling tired no matter how much you rest? Some people don’t need to visualize anything. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a seemingly complex condition marked by acute exhaustion that worsens with physical or mental effort but does not improve with rest. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), is caused by no underlying medical illness. CBD gummies derived from the cannabis plant can help treat CFS/ME symptoms in people who suffer from it.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Knowing The Different Levels Of Severity

  • Mild CFS: People with mild CFS can carry out daily tasks but find them difficult. To rest, people frequently give up hobbies and social engagements.
  • Moderate CFS: People with mild CFS have trouble moving about and going about their daily lives or significant areas of their lives, such as work or education, are frequently abandoned by these individuals. They also have a solid need to rest and have difficulty sleeping at night.
  • Severe CFS: People with severe CFS can only undertake daily duties and may get confined to their homes or beds. These people may need to use a wheelchair to go around. Moreover, they may also have trouble concentrating, being sensitive to light and noise, and taking longer to recuperate between activities.

Which Symptoms Cannabis Helps The Most?

● Sleep

Cannabis’ ability to help people sleep better is well documented. Various studies have shown that while REM sleep gets reduced with cannabis, deep sleep gets increased, thus potentially leading to better overall levels of refreshment in the person.

● Discomfort

Chronic pain has also gotten alleviated by cannabis use. It also helps to aid with neuropathic pain (nerve damage or dysfunction) and nociceptive (pain generated by something other than a nerve injury, such as a wound or inflammation in nearby tissue).

● Depression

Although the role of cannabis in the treatment of depression and cognitive impairment is debatable, some studies suggest that certain people may benefit from them. The dose, frequency, history of use, and genetic and environmental factors are likely to have a favorable effect.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome And CBD

As already mentioned, everyone knows that many people with CFS also suffer from joint pain. It’s important to state that no formal research exists on the benefits of CBD, or marijuana, on chronic fatigue syndrome. However, there are anecdotal tales from people who have used CBD to treat their symptoms. In addition, recent animal studies, such as the one published in 2018, have found improvements in pain symptoms after using a topical CBD solution.

According to research, chronic fatigue has been linked to a hypersensitive central nervous system. Cannabidiol was included in the journal Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets in 2017 as a technique to lessen the movement of brain cells called glia, which causes nervous system hypersensitivity.

What Role Does Medical Cannabis Play In The Treatment Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Medical cannabis helps aid patients of The Medical Cannabis Clinics who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome and are looking for an alternate treatment method. Medical cannabis can be helpful in situations where orthodox medicines are ineffective.

Although no studies have looked into how medicinal cannabis impacts chronic fatigue syndrome directly. A 2017 study called “Cannabis and Cannabinoids for Chronic Pain” reveals how beneficial it may be in treating pain and inflammation, the two primary symptoms of the condition. Cannabis is consistently helpful in lowering chronic non-cancer pain.

Recovery from CFS is a long journey. Taking steps toward recovery can sometimes feel like a monumental obstacle, and it takes courage to move forward. Many patients attend counseling sessions to vent their frustrations in a safe environment with someone who can help them identify an underlying cause.

It would help if you tried a supplement like CBD first. However, be sure to purchase high-quality products from a reputable vendor. This thing ensures that the supplements you’re taking are effective.

Is CBD Safe?

Since marijuana has been stigmatized for so long, it makes many people nervous. People should know that CBD oil comes from cannabidiol extracted from hemp with a tetrahydrocannabinol content of less than 3% (THC). As a result, there will be no high. Moreover, no problems with addiction or overdose were discovered. However, some people experience adverse side effects due to using it. CBD oil has the following adverse effects:

  • Dry mouth
  • Changes in drug-processing enzymes in the liver.
  • A low blood pressure reading.
  • Dizziness

If consumed excessively, it can cause tremors in patients with Parkinson’s disease.

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What Causes CFS?

The exact cause of CFS is unknown, although it’s assumed to be caused by genetic, environmental, viral, and psychological factors. Although it appears that the initial idea that the Epstein-Barr virus (which causes mononucleosis or glandular fever) was the underlying cause, however, it turned out to be wrong, the possibility of viral infections playing a role has not been ruled out yet.

It is because it has not been present in all people who have the disease—furthermore, persistent stress (lasting six months or longer) influences.

Women account for most cases, while Native Americans and African Americans appear to have a somewhat higher incidence than white Americans. It also seems to have a hereditary component, as family studies have shown that blood relatives of patients have a higher risk of contracting the condition.


Final Thoughts On Cannabis And Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The symptoms of CFS are undeniably wreaking havoc on the lives of millions of people all over the world. Because there are few treatments for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, people turn to CBD to reduce their symptoms and improve their quality of life. For more information, one can visit cbd news.

CFS is difficult to live with and even more challenging to treat. Although smoking marijuana for CFS may provide some relief, there is little study on the topic, and it may work better for some patients than others. We believe in cannabis’ therapeutic properties, but we are not doctors. Consult a skilled physician for more information if you plan to use medical marijuana for CFS or other diseases.

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