Can cats eat bananas ? Every cat has a favorite treat. But have you ever seen a cat go crazy about bananas? At the same time, this situation does not happen often. The question immediately arises-can cats eat bananas? How useful and safe are they?Many cat owners are surprised by the food preferences of velvet paws.

Can cats eat bananas ? without harming their health?

Where’s the cat? Can they eat bananas without harming their health? The ASPCA (American Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) website lists bananas as a safe food for cats (as well as dogs and horses).

However, can cats eat bananas? What happens if cats switch from a meat diet to a fruit and vegetable diet? To answer this question, you need to understand the cat’s physical characteristics.

Unlike other types of animals that eat bananas, cats cannot absorb many of the substances contained in this fruit. In fact, the cat’s body can only absorb the fiber in bananas. However, cats do not need as much fiber as humans.

If your cat likes to eat bananas occasionally, please consider its age, because older cats have a higher risk of diabetes. In addition, keep banana slices small to prevent suffocation.

Don’t feed a lot of bananas at once, and don’t let your cat chew on banana peels. Do not serve other fruits immediately after eating bananas. Don’t let your cat eat red bananas-they can cause stomach upset.

can cats eat bananas

If your cat likes to eat bananas, please keep the following in mind:

Cats are sensitive to unusual foods:

Due to the peculiarities of the digestive system, they do not tend to change their usual food types. The new product may contain substances that are toxic to cats.

Bananas are harmless to cats:

But they are not part of their natural diet and can cause stomach upset.

Bananas are too sweet for cats. Bananas are obviously sweet fruits. They contain natural sugars that are generally safe for humans. However, cats do not need as much sugar in their diet.

High sugar content can lead to obesity and diabetes. These are very dangerous situations and no owner would want their pets. In any case, you need to monitor the sugar content of your cat’s diet.

Cats can eat fruit:

But not all. Bananas are considered safe for cats, but they can only be used as a snack-given little by little, rarely.

Strawberries, blueberries and seedless watermelons are also safe for cats. You can give apples (no seeds). Fruit bones should not be given to cats because they usually contain toxins.

Cats can eat some vegetables. Green beans, carrots, pumpkins, squash, spinach and lettuce are also harmless to them. As long as no sugar, oil or seasonings are added, potatoes are safe.

Are bananas good for cats?

Bananas are good for people. Cats will not benefit from it. The sugar they contain can cause problems. When giving your cat bananas, be careful not to cause diabetes or obesity.

Since cats do not eat bananas in nature, their digestive systems cannot properly absorb the beneficial substances in this fruit-only sugar and, to some extent, fiber.

Cats cannot digest large amounts of bananas and sometimes even cause constipation. If you want to pet your cat with bananas, limit yourself to a small piece.

Do cats need bananas?

Usually cats are not interested in bananas, but some people really like them. If your cat likes bananas, remember that they are not part of the natural diet of these animals. A small bite will not harm your cat, but regular consumption of them can lead to obesity and diabetes. It would be much better for a cat to eat a piece of meat-it is a natural enemy, and it will always be.

There is no reason to give your cat a banana other than spoiling her with something unusual occasionally.

Why are some cats afraid of bananas?

Veterinarians sometimes prescribe drugs made of potassium chloride to cats. These drugs smell like bananas, so you might want to try them (don’t). Cats seem to hate these drugs, and if they are forced to take them, they may be associated with the smell of bananas.

However, most cats do not like the smell of bananas, even if they have never been treated with such drugs. Rubbing banana peels on furniture can prevent cats from scratching.

The shape of bananas (cucumbers, zucchini) may also remind them of snakes sticking out of rocks.

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Bananas for cats-yes or no?

You can only give your cat a moderate amount of bananas. It really can only be a small part. The reason lies in the carbohydrates in bananas. Because these are not good for kittens at all. In fact, cats are actually pure carnivores. According to the optimal amount of food per day, their daily intake of carbohydrates should not exceed 2%. Carbohydrates can cause long-term obesity in dogs and cats, and even diabetes. A small piece of banana is not important, but too much is really too much.

Are bananas poisonous to cats?

These plants are not poisonous. It’s a lot like humans: if they eat a little sugar, it’s okay. But if you mainly eat sugary foods, this will affect your body and blood sugar. For cats, the effect of bananas is even worse because they do not have enzymes to remove nutrients from bananas.

Is banana milk poisonous to cats?

The banana milkshake composed of milk and bananas contains a variety of ingredients that are not suitable for cats’ stomachs. Milk contains lactose, and cats are usually lactose intolerant. You can find interesting details about whether cats are allowed to drink milk in our milk or cat milk guide: What can cats eat?

How can you safely feed your cat a bananas?

Taking into account the above precautions and the nutritional needs of cats, the Clinical Nutrition Service Center stated that if your cat meows, please follow the steps below to safely feed it bananas:


Before giving your cat any new human food, consult your veterinarian first-even if they are generally considered safe for pets. Your veterinarian is best at recommending what your cat should eat.


To determine how many bananas your cat can safely eat, you need to do some math. According to the Clinical Nutrition Service Center, snacks should not exceed 10% of your cat’s daily calories. For example, if your cat consumes 250 calories a day, only 25 of them should come from snacks.


To make bananas for your cat, first remove the banana peel, which can make it difficult to digest. Cut the banana into cat bite-sized pieces so your pet can handle them, about the same size as the cat food. Or, if you are ready to test your culinary creativity, you can try to puree a little bit and sprinkle it on his food.


According to the Clinical Nutrition Service Center, even bananas and other foods that are considered safe can have unexpected reactions, so after trying new foods, please pay attention to whether your pet has signs of gastrointestinal problems, such as vomiting or diarrhea. It is also a good idea to introduce only one new food at a time. This way, if your cat does begin to show signs of illness, you can more easily determine the source of the problem. If you think your cat has an adverse reaction to bananas, please call your veterinarian. Read More To get The answer of can cats eat bananas ?

How to properly supplement the cat’s diet

  • Many foods that are good for us are bad for cats. Question: “Can you give the cat a banana?” The answer is yes. If your pet still looks at you pleadingly:
  • Give him a small bite to test his reaction-some animals have abdominal pain or vomiting;
  • Be sure to remove all peels and fibers that cannot decompose the digestive system of indoor predators;
  • Buy fresh and mature specimens in the supermarket;
  • Do not mix with other foods during the first treatment;
  • Limit the number to prevent dental caries and obesity in animals;
  • Don’t give the whole fruit, so as not to suffocate the cat;
  • Please consult your veterinarian to avoid allergic reactions.

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Our advice:

it’s best not to let cats eat bananas Even if the banana is not poisonous, it is a pure carbohydrate bomb. This has no positive effect on your cat’s body. If cats often eat too many bananas, it will affect their health.


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