Tim Rozon is a famous Canadian actor, model and TV personality. The actual spelling of this actor name is Tim Rozon. Tim Rozon is known in the CTV’s teenagers, titled “Instant Star,” Mutt Schitt, the comedy “Schmitt of Schmidt” and Wynonna Earp in CBC, and a supernatural / western TV series

Tim Rozon Bio

Tim Rozon was born on June 4, 1976. At this moment, he was 45 years old. Tim rozon was born in Montreal, Canada. Tim Rozon privately retained his home information. In addition, he did not present the information of his brothers and sisters. When talking about his nationality, tim Rozon is Canadian, his race is a Caucasian. In education, the singer keeps the academic background secret. However, he may have completed the school in the university in the town.

Professional Life Of Tim Rozon

Tim Rozon made his professional TV premiere “The great Gatsby” in the TV movie in 2000. Later, in his career, he appeared in TV movies, “fashion crime”, “see simple,” and “I am the same (but I don’t do this).” Then Raronson’s music in 2004, On the role of his career definition, it is Tom ‘Tommy Q’Quiny, “Instant Star,”.

Tim Ronson also had 54 flights throughout the four seasons. It will be the king, mini series and “production office”, a film, all starred in Borson. TIM has repeated roles in the “wild rose” of CBC TV, guests – appear in “listeners”, and “scream: Stephen Amel and Lance Henriksen hunt”.

Tim Rozon has previously provided his voice to Canadian three-dimensional animated movie, “Sarila’s legend” also includes the sound of Dustin Milligan.

Net Worth of Tim Rozon

Tim Rozon is a famous Canadian actor with a lot of wealth through his career. From 2000 to now, he has been in his field of action. Tim Roton has a net worth of more than $ 2 million.

Rumors, Controversy about Tim Rozon

At some point, Tim is rumored to become homosexual. On the other hand, the stars do not respond to rumors without statement. He is also accused of Alex Johnson, “Instant Star” Common Star. But his marriage will close all rumors and scandals. Ronzon once doubts about the foreigner of Ryan Seacrest, Likaen Parker.

Some Famous Role of Tim Rozon

Some of his remarkable roles in television series are:

  • Crossfire (2016) —- Graydon
  • Wynonna Earp (2016-2021) —- Doc Holliday
  • Saving Hope (2017) —- Spencer Walch
  • Beginner’s Luck (2018) —- Terry
  • Surreal Estate (2021) —- Luke Roman

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Tim Rozon movies and TV shows

In the more than 20 years of active practice in the agency industry, Rosehen has more than 40 projects in TV and movies. Here, so far, we will introduce his most worthless behavior credit.

Instant Star

This is the Canadian music comedy TV drama, broadcast from 2004 to 2008. The display chronicle of the year of history, the experience of the winner Jude Harrison in the recording industry, while paying attention to the development of the characters.Tim Rozon played Tom Kunxi, and Jude’s producer also took her sister, Sari relationship. He later fell in love with Jude, so far. The show is intended to be reduced by funds before it may occur.

Lost Girl

This is a Canadian supernatural drama TV series, the premiere of September 12, 2010, lasted for five seasons. It follows a life of a biscatic love friend called Bo because she learns to control her superman’s ability to help people need, and find the truth of her origin.

Tim Rozon appears in the 3rd and 4th quarter of Show, playing repetition feature Massimo: Druid. Massimo is Morrigan, a Mrs. Morrigan, has born him in the 1980s, but then abandon him and order VEX to raise him.

Schitt’s Creek

This is the Canadian TV Trump Comedy created by the father and son Eugene and Dan Sony. This series follows the test and hardships of previous wealthy roses. After the business manager, the company’s corrupt family, Ross video, the family lost wealth, moved to Schitt’s Creek, a small town, they used to buy jokes. Life is now in motels, John Niros and Moara Rose, as well as their adult children, David and Alex, must adapt to life without money.

Schitt’s Creek accepted the praise of criticism and won a cult, especially because of its writing, humor and behavior. This series has won a variety of honors, including two Actra Awards and 18 Canada Screen Awards. It is the first batch of Canadian comedy series, nominated to the best comedy series of critics chosen TV awards. In its final season, 15 original period awards were raised, and the exhibition sets records for most EMMY nomins in the final season of the comedy series.

Tim Rozon played the role of Mutt Schitt – Roland and Jocelyn’s original alienation adult son and rugged farm boy. Mutt is a delicate specimen that rotates the head of the young lady of Schitt’s Creek, especially the Alexiss Rose. He is a natural lover, he represents the town collects compost materials. Stupid is also very quiet and mysterious. He is a very stubborn person, and his minimal communication also has the conversation of Alex.


This is a series of Canadian Liberal Drama, follows real estate agents Luke roman and a part of the elite team that handles no other people can. They are handled in a haunted and owned house, really frightening is a buyer. Rozon Stars as the head of Romans, real estate agents.

Physical Features oF Tim Rozon

tim ronzon

Tim is a 45-year-old actor that looks good, a powerful and an amazing style. He stood 5 inches tall. He also has 74 kilograms of healthy weight. In addition, Tim Rozon eyes are blue, his hair is black.

Social Media of Tim Rozon

TIM Rozon is a social media personality that is active on social media. Tim’s Official Instagram Account @realtimronzon has more than 151K fans. He is also twezed, he has a fan of approximately 86K. On the other hand, Tim Rozon is currently unavailable on Facebook.

Bio of Linzey Rozon The Tim Rozon Wife

Linzey Rozon is a famous celebritic spouse and Canada equestrian. She is widely recognized as a wife of Candian movie and movie actor, Tim Rozon. He announced his behavior career from 2000 TV movie ‘The Great Gatsby’ and appeared in many dramas and movies, including “Creek” and actresses Emily Hampshire.

In addition, her mother and grandmother are also a fanatics, she started interested in the field from it. Her followers must wait for her career and personal life, then scroll to discover details. Scroll also read her net value and body measurement.

Linzey Rozon : Bio, family, Career

Tim Rozon’s wife was born and raised in Canada, they came to the astigmatism of marriage and celebrity marriage. She did not disclose any details of her personal life, the early years and the parents on the media. In addition, she has not disclosed information about her brothers and educational qualifications. Although she did not provide most of her personal information, the sources claimed that she had a national nationality in the United States.

When she started career, she is unclear, but it is said that she is interested from being committed to her career from the knight. Because she has been revealed that her mother and grandmother are also Avril cavalry. On the other hand, her husband began as an actor’s career in 2000. In addition, he is committed to working in projects including “line”, “pure”, “screaming: hunting” and “rescue”, more. In addition, Tim is also a common master of restaurant gardens, and runs together with Canadian celebrity chefs.

Linzey Rozon: Personal Life & Husband

As mentioned earlier, she is a married woman, commonly known as the wife of Tim Rozon as an actor. After a few years, Duo was married on September 6, 2015. Their wedding participates in friends, relatives and families in Saint-Agathe-Des-Monts, Quebec.

According to the source of the news, this for the couple for three years in 2012. She welcomed her first child, her son set with her husband in 2020. Her husband shared information on becoming parents through social media platforms. Linzey lives in Montreal and her husband with their son.

Linzey Rozon: Net Worth & Social Media Profiles

Towards her income, she did not disclose her career or career. In addition, there are many information about her annual salary. However, her net value estimates about $ 100 in her business businesses. Although her husband estimated more than $ 5 million from a proxy career.

She is quite active on different social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. However, we can see private and unspecified instagram account @linzeyg, more than 3.9K fans.

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Linzey Rozon: Body Measurements

Beautiful professional horse knight has a high height of 5 feet 7 inches or 1.70 meters. In addition, there is no information about her weight and body measurement. She has blue eyes and blonde color hairs.

Interesting facts about Linzey Rozon

Born from Peter and Catherine Golan and named Lindsay, Linz Rozon chose a name to her parents, what she took, because friends and followers have always called her “Linzey”.Linzey has two brothers and sisters, Ashley and James, because she is now as a mother, because their mother lost in 2012, Catherine Golan lost.

She is training, variety, and riding a living; she is a professional knight and experiences competition highest level. According to reports, Linz and her husband held a meeting in the 2000s and started in 2010, and this couple finally shared their vows in 2015.

Compared with the routine practice after the wedding ceremony, Lin Ze and her husband went out after the date, and they enjoy four dishes in the Montreal Restaurant Le Bremner.

The couple giving a couple of boys in 2020 welcomes them in the formal announcement a few months after they look forward to a few months. Linzey and her husband are indivisible, they have been seen together: work in work, business trips, activities, etc.

Her husband Tim and Wynonna ESTP have won the 2018 Best Science Fantasy Exhibition People’s Choice Award. The first worthless film function of Tim Rozon is the Union of the actress Mira Sorvino in the 2000 A & E Movie, which is great Gatsby. Linzey as a horse and trainer’s career, estimated, her net value is approximately $ 500,000.

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