Do you need some inspiration, do you find a suitable hairstyle for a big forehead ? Fortunately, there are many amazing hairstyles for everyone. From stripes to side effects to UPDOS, if you want to know how to hide a big forehead with beautiful cutting, please continue to read. We were trying to highlight the shape of the face and the color of the eye, we found the correct hairstyle, even just show off our feelings. But sometimes they can send the field when seeking hidden things.

Hair Styles for Women with Big Forehead

Bob with Full Fringe

Bob with Full Fringe is best for woman with big forehead .The natural fringe covers the big forehead while the blond bob brings my eyes to the mouth (far from the forehead).

Side Swept Bangs

Sight Swept Bangs is the style of bangs that has a side part. Slightly longer than straight bangs, side jumps can hide thin lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Unlike conventional side bangs,

Short Blonde Side Bangs

Use this hairstyle to easily and low maintenance, for a big forehead. These side bangs that hit close to your cheekbones points out your dazzling blue eyes. The short and wispy layers work best on fine hair.

Big Forehead

Big hair and full bangs

This is an incredible haircut of a hair style for an oval face and big forehead.

Big Forehead

Long Bob Middle Part

Long Bob Middle Part hairstyle are best for girls with big forehead.

Voluminous Side Bang

Long Hair and Blunt Bangs

Very Long layers

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Lob with a Fringe



Messy with Beachy Waves


Fringe with Beachy Vibes


Medium Pixie with Bangs


Faux Bang Updo

Big Forehead

Braided Headwrap

big forehead

Twisted Lace Braid

Blonde Accent Braid

Daring Color and Movement

Short Pixie Cut

Cornrow Braids

Low-Key Curtain Bangs

Face Framing Layers

Forward Facing

Soft Texture

Blunt and Bold

Stuck In The Middle

How to Know If You Have A Big Forehead

If you want to learn whether or not you have a big forehead, you need to understand that foreheads come in different shapes. Often, people will mistake a large forehead for one that is irregular or rectangular.

How to Tell If You Have a Big Forehead

Big Forehead Shapes

There are five typical forehead shapes.

  • Round
  • M-shaped
  • Rectangular
  • Bell-shaped
  • Triangular

For those who are round foreheads, their heads look like a half circle. This is the most common shape (31%) and second name (28%) in men (31%).

The M-shaped head is closely related to the peak of the widow, from your hairline into the triangle of the forehead. The peak of the widow forms an M shape between the hairline and the eyebrow. This is the most common shape (19%) in men (46%) and women.

The forehead of the rectangle is self-definition, but if a person has a narrow face, then it can look more square. About 31% of men have rectangular foreheads, 30% of women have them.

The bell is similar to the round forehead in addition to the ovary. This is a common (4%) of women (5%) and men.

Finally, the triangular quarter is involved in the surface of the forehead. About 2% of men have triangular heads, 18% of women have them.

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Average forehead size

The average size is not the best way to determine if the forehead is large. However, understanding the average forehead size of men and women will help you begin to determine.


The average height of the male forehead is 2.4 inches (6.1 cm), and the standard deviation is 0.4 inches. The average width is 5.4 inches (13.7 cm), and the standard deviation is 0.7 inches. This means that if your forehead is 2 to 2.8 inches, you have a standard size forehead.


The average height of the female forehead is 2.3 inches (5.8 cm), and the standard deviation is 0.3 inches. The average width is 5.1 inches (12.9 cm) and the standard deviation is 0.7 inches.

Women with a forehead height from 2 to 2.6 inches and a width of 4.4 to 5.8 inches have standard-sized foreheads

Hairstyles That Work Well with Big Forehead

If you find a little large, you may want to try one of the hairstyles to minimize it.


Caesar Cut: Caesar is one of the hairstyle of the classic man for minimizing forehead. You will cut your hair, so that Liu Haisu is slightly hanging on the forehead.

Buzz Cut: Another option is to hug your big forehead! Don’t hide it. Show to the world through the crane.


Bob with Full Fringe: Bob will make you a official member of the Liuhai gang. It hides your forehead and highlights long face shape. It will also guide people to pay attention to the oral area instead of the head.

Side Swept Bangs: If you are afraid that in the middle of the face, try sweep. You will still cover up most of your forehead, but in a less obvious way.

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