Genoapay is a payment service which allows customers to split the total purchase into 10 equal instalments. You can sign up for Genoapay for free and use it for any purchase from $20 to $1,000*. You can pay over time, with no interest. With Genoapay, you can spread the payment over 10 weeks instead of paying the entire amount at once. You can make payments through your mobile phone. Once you have registered, you can pay from anywhere in the world!

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Benefits of Genoapay All you need to know

Using Genoapay to pay for purchases is easy. You simply commit to the purchase and you will be given the amount you can spend. You then pay a deposit each week, and the balance will be processed every two weeks. This means you don’t have to worry about missing a payment – you can simply use the reminders to remind you to make your payments! You can choose which payments you wish to make and what’s most convenient for you.

Genoapay also offers a no interest and no fees plan. When you use Genoapay, you just choose the option to make your first payment at checkout and the rest over the next 10 weeks. Once you’re approved, you’ll only have to pay the first instalment at the time of checkout. The maximum purchase amount is $1,000. You don’t have to worry about paying for your purchase. Once you have paid the first instalment, you’ll get the rest of the payment over a 10 week period.

Another benefit of Genoapay is its flexibility. It offers an easy and convenient way to pay for large purchases. You can set up a 10 week plan to pay for your purchases. With Genoapay, you don’t have to worry about paying high interest rates and fees. The money you spend on a purchase will be divided into 10 weekly instalments. You can start making the payments any time you want! The limits vary between $20 and $1,000, depending on your needs.


You can make payments with Genoapay through your mobile phone. You can pay in 10 installments of up to $1,000, depending on your financial situation. You can choose between a fixed or flexible plan. Then you can pay in ten equal weekly installments. Once you are approved, you can split your payments into a series of 10 instalments. If you have more than $50, the system will split your payments into smaller instalments, which are easy to manage.

Genoapay is a popular buy-now-pay-later product that allows you to split a purchase into 10 equal payments. You can pay with a credit card or an e-check if you’re approved and use a debit or credit card to make payments. It will split the cost of the item into ten weekly payments, so you can pay in small amounts and spread the cost over a longer period of time.

The best thing about Genoapay is that it allows you to pay for any purchase on your schedule, without any fees or interest. You can pay for anything you want online, from groceries to clothes, and you’ll never be late again. Moreover, you can pay a portion of the purchase amount on one week and then the rest on the next week. The convenience of Genoapay has many advantages. If you’re looking for an easy and convenient way to make payments to your credit card, you can sign up for Genoapay.

Another great thing about Genoapay is that it offers no interest, no fees, and no minimum monthly payments. You don’t have to worry about paying high interest or late fees if you can pay your instalments over ten weeks instead of ten months. You can set up your payments as easily as you want and pay at your own pace. You don’t need to have a credit card to use Genoapay.

Genoapay works with your credit card to provide a secure, flexible method of payment. Its online application process will verify your identity and allow you to pay for items that you might otherwise not have the cash for. If you have been approved, you can make your payments online via Genoapay. Once you are approved, you can pay for the product over the course of 10 weeks. There’s no interest rate on your purchases if you pay for them on time.

Genoapay does credit verifications?

You will need to provide information about Genoapay to complete the transaction and, at the moment, Genoapay will complement a credit check in the relationship with you before issuing the loan to the merchant. There is no fee payable by you when submitting a loan application.

How to use your Genoapay account in store

To make a purchase in store, go to checkout and let the merchant know you want to pay with Genoapay.

  • The merchant will create a payment plan for you by entering your name, your mobile phone number and your details of your purchase.
  • You will receive the payment plan via a text message.
  • Click on the link in the text message that will ask you to connect to your GENOAPAY account or register to display the payment schedule.
  • Click Confirm and select an existing map or enter a new credit card or debit card (Visa or MasterCard).
  • You will receive an email confirmation that the plan has followed.

How can I contact Genoapay?

Complaint. If you have a complaint about how we used or disclose your information, please send an email using the [email protected] support team, call 0800 436 625 or write to 8 Tangihua Street, Auckland Central, Auckland, New Zealand.

What is the Genoapay limit?

Expense up to $ 1,000 subject to your approved account limit. Registration takes less than two minutes.

Is there a Genoapay application?

Genoapay does not apply. You will need to connect to our website to view and make changes to your account.

How can I pay with Genoa?

To make a purchase in-store, go to checkout and let the merchant know you want to pay with Genoapay. The merchant will create a payment plan for you by entering your name, your mobile phone number, and the details of your purchase. You will receive the payment plan via a text message.

How to apply for Genoapay?

  • Sign up for free – it only takes a few minutes and the approval is in real-time.
  • Choose Genoapay when you check in Store or online at participating stores.
  • Your account will be activated once you have confirmed your payment information by entering your credit or debit card.

How to increase my genoapay limit?

Limit increases are only available when you have good repayment stories on several plans. When you are eligible for a credit increase, you will receive an email inviting you to accept the increase. We can not manually increase your limit.

Why does my Genoapay work?

If you can not use Genoapay for the moment, it may not be due to bad credit. Our third-party credit marker suppliers can simply be unable to find information about you. This happens more often with our youngest customers, but there may be other reasons why you do not have credit score.

How to remove my Genoapay account?

To close your account, simply submit a request by clicking on the envelope below and providing some details. We will then process the closure that means you will not be able to use Genoapay. It usually takes about a day. An account can not be closed if you always have an active payment plan.

Genoapay is it safe?

Genoapay adheres to the payment card data security standard (PCI DSS) when managing payment information and all payment information is securely stored in a PCI DSS Level 1 installation.

Genoapay is it without interest?

Pay with Genoapay in participating stores on 10 weekly payments without interest.

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