Many companies eagerly want remote access to QuickBooks Desktop. Remote access to QuickBooks Desktop is possible through cloud hosting. As a result, you can use QuickBooks Desktop from anywhere to extend your business options. With the help of the best QuickBooks cloud hosting service, you can take the benefits of hosting by using an internal server or switching to QuickBooks Online.

Some of the advanced benefits you can expect when migrating your QuickBooks desktop to the cloud are mentioned below.

Sustain the features you like with QuickBooks Remote Access:

Many accountants and business owners find that switching to another remote access solution, such as QuickBooks Online, misses the full functionality and ease of use of QuickBooks Desktop. Switching from one solution to another can have a sharp learning curve that can lead to frustration. Also, if your day-to-day work relies on specific features, finding workarounds and creating new workflows for the missing features can be difficult. If you choose QuickBooks desktop hosting, there is no learning curve. You can continue to use QuickBooks with all the features you’re used to. Your company has secured remote access to the QuickBooks desktop version you know and like.


For your business to run faster, you need to be more efficient. One way to extend efficiency is to modify from an in-house system to a cloud server. The remote server is always accessible and provides space for extensions.

On the corporate server, employees are tied to a single location where all machines are networked on a single server. The online hosting system allows employees to work wherever internet access is available. Employees enjoy the flexibility to work from home or on business trips. Employees can achieve more in less time because they can set their working hours and work during the peak hours of the individual.

Expansion of Business with QuickBooks Hosting

Few of the business owners want to grow and expand to multiple office locations. This is almost impossible on a local server or a single physical machine. If your employees need to access the same files from multiple locations, remote accessibility through Virtual Desktop Hosted on Cloud is the solution.

Your files are on a cloud server and all employees can log in and access the system from anywhere. You can use the same software for all customer files, even if you have different offices in multiple cities or states. This easy access allows employees to manage their accounts in an expanded location. QuickBooks cloud hosting options allow you to seamlessly migrate your business as you expand to different locations.


To access your files 24/7, your cloud hosting provider needs to make sure they are accessible. Therefore, the files are backed up regularly, a disaster recovery log is established, and the files are protected from cyber threats.

With a Local server, you may be spending additional time and money on IT help in the event of a problem. However, you can work around these issues by using online hosting options.

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