Anastasia Kvitko was told that she is too fat and cannot be a model. Teenage girls did not bring these words to her hearts, but worked hard in the gym, so that her body became delicate curved shapes. These days, Kvitko is one of the most popular charm models on Instagram. She models several fashion brands, while appearing in some popular music video.

Although she may not be a household name, Anastasiya Kvitko is the name of millions of instagram users. The Russian model has a large-scale 12.1 million mast count, amazing and amazing capture, everyone has hundreds of thousands of people. When some publications are called “Russian gold card Dyans”, KVITKO (Some sources are listed as Anastasia Kvitko) have gained a lot of attention.

Early Life and Childhood

Anastasia Kvitko was born on November 25, 1994, and she is currently 26 years old. She comes from Russia Kaliningrad. Her name is Russian is written анастасияквитко. Anastasia grows up in the west of Russia in the Kaliningrad, and has moved to the United States in the near future. In addition, Anastasia first moved to Miami to the full time modeling of Los Angeles.

Career and Professional Life

Anastasia Kvitko is a fitness model, charm model and entrepreneur. With her daily appearance and model photos, she became the INSTAGRAM phenomenon. She has more than 11 million followers on the INSTAGRAM account of their own title.

Similarly, Anastasia Kvitko released the first photo on Instagram in May 2013. It is a collection of various artworks. Later, Anastasia also began to produce a larger follower on Twitter, more than 100,000 fans. In addition, people even call her Russian version of Golden Card.

In addition, Anastasia Kvitko promoted the swimwear brand on her social media account. She also became a new swimsuit series called Eliya Cioccolato.

More Details

As a teen, Anastasia Kvitko moved from Russia to the United States. At first, she moved to Miami, Florida. Later, she moved again to Los Angeles, California. She migrated several times to pursue full-time modeling.
Many modeling agencies refuse opportunities to cooperate with Anastasia Kvitko. After multiple dismissions, Anastasia converted her body structure into her trademark rather than losing curves into modeling agencies.
Because of her body characters and her in social media, people are called Anastasia Kvitko as Russian gold cards. In addition, critics and followers have attacked Anasta, claiming that Anastasia is intentionally modeling in real stars Kim Kardashian. Anastasia replied this time: “I like Kim Kardashian, but I don’t like to compare with her – she is far behind me.”

Personal Life of Anastasia kvitko

Anastasia Kvitko does not share any information about her relationship status and transaction. She has not shared any social media post that may indicate her current relationship and affairs.

Talk about her favorite thing, her favorite actor is Kevin Spacey, the favorite actress is Scarlett Johansson. Similarly, her favorite resort is Dubai, her favorite food is Jamaica, her favorite color is white. In addition, her hobbies include shopping, travel and party.

Body Measurements of Anastasia kvitko

Anastasia Kvitko is higher than about 5 feet of 9 inches, her weight is about 56 kg. Similarly, she is known for her 38-25-42 inches.

For her hourglass, people often take her with Kim Kardashian and known as the Russian version of Kim K. However, Anastasia claims that when Kim K. has tried plastic surgery, she naturally maintains her body image.

In addition, Anastasia Kvitko said she entered the track and field movement as a child. Now she is just trying to stay healthy, go four times a week. She doesn’t eat meat and chicken, avoid fast food, choose a healthy diet rather than the grunge. She claims that her body is sports, his hips muscle training, his bottom is the most beautiful hip, she didn’t make any plastic surgery on her face.

Controversy about of Anastasia kvitko

Anastasia Kvitko

Anastasia Kvitko and Kim have shared some similarities with their traits. However, ASASTASIA is dissatisfied. Anastasia claims that she has never done any plastic surgery, making her beautiful hourglass. However, the Russian plastic surgery website “” has commented on the Anassinsian claims and suggesting that she may not tell the truth of her natural appearance.

They wrote:

“We doubt the girl’s statements that she achieved it only with the help of physical exercises: in the gym, you can only improve the muscles, change the shape of your bottom but you can’t dramatically increase its size.”

Social Media and Net Worth of Anastasia kvitko

Talking about her social media, Anastasia Kvitko joined Twitter in February 2014, so far on her @official_kvitko account, there are more than 109.7k fans. On Instagram, Anastasia is coming from @anastasiya_kvitko. As of November 2020, this account has 1,029 posts and more than 11.8 million fans.

Since January 11, 2017, she can also be available on Facebook. Since then, Anastasia has 286.4k in her journey. We can also contact her in [email protected], you can get more information in [email protected]. Continue to advance, Anastasia Kvitko has a net worth of about $ 4 million as of 2021 November. ”

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Five things you should know about Anastasia Kvitko.

Anastasia Kvitko is a native of Kaliningrad, Russia

Anastasia Kvitko was born on November 25, 1994 in western Russia’s State State State 加里宁格勒. Therefore, her nationality is Russian, and her race was Caucasian. Glamor model did not reveal many details about her early life, education or family background. However, we all know, she has a younger sister, her father was a businessman, and her mother is a teacher.

Anastasia Kvitko in Russia grew up, her natural beauty in a performance early. This stands out among her peers, many people suggested that she try her hand at modeling on. kvitko initial preliminary ratings minor modeling GIG prior to application modeling agency established. When these institutions turned, Anastasia Kvitko on a popular Russian online platform began publishing his popular photos. These photos provide for her many fans, she will soon be popular in the country.

Anastasia Kvitko now a model, actress and entrepreneur

Anastasia Kvitko moved to the United States at the age of 17 to further goodwill. Glamor model originally came to Miami, spent a few hours in the gym, her body has constructed a powerful movement and motion shape calves and hips.

Anastasia Kvitko Then in August 2014 to join Instagram, and began to show their stunning photos in Skimpy Swingsuits and underwear. These lush photographs quickly gained millions of followers and her fame soared. Anastasia is now several brands designed for the professional version, and served as swimwear brand face Eliya Cioccolato.

Anastasia Kvitko also beyond the model, now has her own swimwear line, called AC-350. This line is in collaboration with Eliya Cioccolato adventure, and debuted at New York Fashion Week. In addition to the fashion industry, the Russian beauty has also expanded its influence in the entertainment industry. She unfolded in several music videos, and highlights debut in the soap in Latin America.

Anastasia is accused of plastic surgery

Many people do not believe in the extraordinary characters and outrageous Kvitko curve is natural. They accused the sword model to enhance her appearance, but Kvitko efforts have been made to deny this, maintaining she never had cosmetic surgery.

However, the glamor model showed that she uses to make its own line of cream her ass look fuller. She also revealed that she relies on plaster from her innovative product range, which helps to wear when the eight-hour day to burn fat. Despite these explanations, many people refused to believe Kvitko. In fact, Russia plastic surgery site is called strange Island site, said Kewei Ke body can not be the result of physical exercise. According to the site, physical exercise can improve muscle, changing the shape of the bottom, but not drastically change its size.

She has epic 38-25-42 shape

Anastasia Kvitko high 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 m), her body weight was 56 kg (123 lbs). Her hair color is blonde, and her eye color is black. Other additional measurement chest – 38 inches (96 cm), waist –25 inches (63 cm) and hips – 42 inch (106 cm). 12 Kvitko wearing clothes size bra size of 12 and 36dd. Russian model revealed that she relies on modeling and a healthy diet to maintain the shape. Kvitko also revealed that she does not eat meat, chicken or fast food; she relies on organic food.

Anastasia Kvitko often compared to Kim Kardashian

Anastasia Kvitko often with the popular reality TV star, Kim Kardashian, and the reason can not be a blessing. The ladies were all boast facial curves, played a large role in their rise to fame. Anastasia Kvitko once said, even though she likes Kim Kardashian, she often did not appreciate the comparison. This is because her natural curves, but we all know, Kim has done some work. Kvitko also boldly said that she is more popular than the reality TV star in the near future.


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