Ever wonder why are my airpods so quiet ? I get this question a lot from travelers who are just getting started using an AirPod. They have had them for a few weeks and are beginning to notice some strange noises coming from them. Here is what I have found.

First Reason why are my airpods so quiet

First of all, AirPods usually have a tiny opening in the top of the shell which lets dirt and dust get in. Sometimes earwax from your own ears is also a problem. So if you’re having problems with your AirPods not being quiet while you are driving or trying to talk on your phone loudly, try looking at the little tiny holes on each pod and gently pulling them out. This should help you find the cause of your low volume turning on.

Second Reason why are my airpods so quiet

Another reason why are my airpods so quiet is because they are not designed to have very good volume control. The majority of AirPods produced by the major manufacturers are designed to work with ear buds. That is to say that it is hard to change the volume when you are riding. If you really want to have absolute volume control, you need to invest in a radio that has an input device that can switch the volume directly from the earpiece to an electronic device like an MP3 player or cell phone.

Third Reason why are my airpods so quiet

why are my airpods so quiet

Another question I get a lot is, why are my airpods so quiet when I am charging them. A big reason is that the ear pieces on most AirPods are made from thin plastic materials and as a result are not much more powerful than the ear buds you would use for listening to music or audiobooks. Because they are not powerful enough to provide good sound quality, the tiny plastic pieces are cut just so they can fit in the ear canal and prevent the motor from functioning properly. When you chargeyourAirPods, this extra force that is trying to push the AirPods into place causes the plastic pieces to vibrate which makes the volume go down drastically.

Fourth Reason why are my airpods so quiet

Another reason why are my airpods so quiet when they first come out is that they come with their own built-in battery charger. After plugging in the ear buds to your electronic device and listening to music for about 15 minutes, the ear buds are designed to shut off and the built-in battery will charge itself. Since most airpods come with two different volume levels, it is important to turn the volume down to the low power mode (which has been marked on the audio controls) and leave the power turned on until the battery is full and ready to use.

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Fifth Reason why are my airpods so quiet

Some users also find that turning up the volume while the airpods are still in the case causes a clicking sound. This may be caused by the charging case moving around inside the AirPods case when it is not contained in the ear bud itself. To solve this, the case can simply be moved deeper into the ear canal or folded upwards, much like a car’s glove compartment. These solutions may help the clicking sound go away when the AirPods are in low volume.

Sixth Reason why are my airpods so quiet

The final cause why are my airpods so quiet, is simply the way they are made. Because the majority of the AirPods are made using transducers, they do not generate any noise when they are in their on state. However, when an AirPod is in it’s hard on position, the transducers can become damp and generate some noise. This problem can be fixed by keeping the transducers cool. Keeping the transducers cool will keep the volume level from being so high that there is no volume left to play.


Conclusion of why are my airpods so quiet

If none of these reasons are the problem for you, then the most likely reason that your AirPods are so quiet, is due to your personal preference. If you want your AirPods to be so quiet, then change the Bluetooth settings from what you think is a loud setting, to one that is more suitable. If you want your AirPods to be so quiet that other people can’t hear them, then change the Bluetooth settings to very low. There are a lot of reasons why you would change these settings, it could be that you are on a plane and could be travelling at forty miles per hour, or it could be that you want to make your AirPods so quiet that no one else can hear them. Changing these settings yourself can be a little tricky and a technical person might not be familiar with it, or understand why they would do it.

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