5 Tips for Choosing Local Auto Body Shops Did you know that 72% of car accidents result in property damage? Usually, the cars involved suffer significant damage that requires a qualified technician to repair them.
Have you had a car accident? If so, finding a reputable auto shop to perform your car repair is essential.
In this article, we’ll give you tips for choosing local auto body shops, so follow us!

Tips for Choosing Local Auto Body Shops

Consider location and size

Most body shops use reference guides to determine how many hours it will take them to repair your vehicle. They use this information to come up with an estimate, billing you for the hours worked.
Although working hours vary from store to store, they tend to be higher in affluent neighborhoods or businesses with reception staff. So, if possible, avoid stores with high overhead.
Sometimes companies offer you services such as window repair or tinting. This business model reduces costs and lowers prices without sacrificing quality of service. Type “mobile tinted windows near me” into your search engine to find out more.

Get multiple estimates

Nobody likes to be overcharged, and the best way to protect yourself is to get multiple quotes. If you want a particular body shop but can’t afford their prices, ask them if they match competitors’ estimates.
However, beware if someone gives you an estimate that is too good to be true. They can skip steps to fix the problem in less time. While it might save you a few bucks now, taking shortcuts can lead to costly problems in the future.

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Ask questions

Instead of just asking about price, walk into the body shop with a few questions in mind.
For example, you might want to know what materials they plan to use on your vehicle. Are they new, used or aftermarket? If you need a paint job, ask how many coats they will need to apply, including a clear coat.
Another critical question is whether they offer a guarantee. Most shops do this, especially for bodywork and paint jobs.
Remember that longer warranties aren’t always better because they often have too many stipulations to be of any real value. Instead, look for body shops that offer warranties of two to three years.
Finally, you should find out if the company has theft or fire insurance. If your car is destroyed or stolen from the body shop, you’ll want to know you’re covered.

Get recommendations from friends and family

It may be tempting to take your vehicle to the nearest body shop or the one with the most advertisements. Before you do, ask your family and friends if they can recommend an auto mechanic they’ve used.
Many family body shops are still operating as they did thirty years ago, so they don’t spend money on advertising or building their online presence. Although they are harder to find, they often offer fair prices and quality service because the owner personally works on the cars.

Trust your instincts

After considering all the essential factors, it’s time to trust your intuition. If your instinct tells you a body shop is dodgy, it probably is. So don’t doubt yourself and switch to a company you feel comfortable with.

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